Organic thin-film Solar Cell

organic-thin-film-solar-celThe Organic Thin-Film Solar Cell has been created by Mitsubishi and Tokki Corps. The solar cells are currently prototype at the moment, but are not that far away from being launched looking at the pictures.

The first usage of this technology could be built in to an imitation plant. With the solar cells being so thin, it would allow them to sit on the leaves of a fake plant and provide a green environment in both how the plant looks in the home, but also how the plant provides electrical energy. The solar cells are covered by a layer of very thin plastic to protect them from knocks, bumps and other happenings in a busy environment.

The options are endless with thin solar cells. Due to their thinness, they could easily be embedded in to windows, desks, toys, phones to name a few items. If the technology comes at a decent price the way forwards is sun power!

Via: InventorSpot

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