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Dell Studio Laptop Launched

dell_studio_laptop_graphite_greyLast Thursday Gadget Venue was invited down to the Silverstone race track to meet up with Dell and the Sauber/BMW Formula 1 racing team. The product being launched is the new Dell Studio Laptop range of computers. This new range of laptop is available now and comes in a variety of colours which include [Read more…]

Holographic Text Messages

holographic-text-messagesFor those who love Star Wars, you will be familiar with the cool holograms projected from R2D2. I always wanted one my self and now I can with the iPhones Holographic Text Messaging system. [Read more…]

Pill Shaped Clock

pill-shaped-radio-clockThe Pill shaped alarm clock was designed by Pascal Barde who works at the Sequoia Studio design company. The gadget is currently a concept idea and is designed to look like a pill, although looking at the video below it does seem larger then an actual pill [Read more…]

Super Fast Clock

worlds_fastest_clockThis Super Fast Clock claims to be the fastest clock in the world. You might be thinking to yourself that clocks should all be the exact same speed… and this one is no different. What makes it the fastest is that it can track time to a millionth of a second. [Read more…]

Retro Rotary Phone Watch

retro-phone-watchRotary phones remind me of when I was a kid. We had one in the house (brown or green I think) which did it’s job and did it well. In 2008 you do not tend to see many (any at all?) of these phones around any more. Mix the lack of this with the way technology is moving forwards, then the mixture of the two creates The Zihotch Retro Phone Watch. [Read more…]

Atari 7800 Portable by Ben Heck

atari_7800_portableBen Heck… the super talented moder, has added another console to his massive retro custom built library of stuff by creating a portable Atari 7800. According to his site, the project was supposed to start a few years back, but due to the complexity over the Atari 2600 he got cold feet… until now. [Read more…]

Street Legal Bumper Car Cars

bumper-car-carMost people, if not all of you will remember driving around in a bumper car in your earlier years (if not still today). The problem was that you had to stay with in the boundaries of the bumper car track. Now the bumper car has broken these boundaries and is now named the bumper car car. These bumper cars are [Read more…]

Otokinoko Binaural Microphone has Ears

otokinoko-microphone-shaped-like-human-headWhen recording sound, the aim of the game is to get the most realistic sounds possible so that the listener cannot tell the difference between the real thing and the audio sound. Otokinoko have created a unique microphone which is shaped like a human head, and it has two ears. [Read more…]

$46K Turntable

montegiro-lusso_turntableIf I had a spare $46K kicking around I know I wouldn’t be spending it all on a turntable. I admit that it does look very cool and a lot different from any other turntable I have seen… but $46000?? Wow. [Read more…]

ChocoCase for iPhone

The ChocoCase is a great little case for the Apple iPhone which allows you to carry chocolate and an iPhone together. Unfortunately the chococase is not edible. [Read more…]

Sens Phone Concept

Sens PhoneThe Sens phone is a concept idea which was designed by Takumi Yoshida. It is different to most other cell phones in that it has no screen. [Read more…]

Monopoly – Google Style

googolopolyWe have very little information on Googolopoly and do not know who created it. It’s a great and fun idea though which takes the popular Monopoly board game and changes it to use Google and other popular web properties as the playing squares. In the middle instead of having the “Chance” cards you see “I’m Feeling Lucky” cards. [Read more…]