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Time Flys with My Sports Clock

my_sports_clockThe My Sports Clock range of alarm clocks are perfect for the person who needs to express anger at his alarm. The clocks are built and padded out as sports balls which can be chucked against a wall to switch them off. [Read more…]

Swiss Bike allows for Cycle and Drive Commuting

swissbikeA new bike has been created which can be folded up and carted around easily. It is named the Swissbike and has a full size 26″ wheel, is as durable as a regular mountain bike, but simply folds up to store away in your car. [Read more…]

Sat Nav for HGV Drivers

satnav_for_trucksSat Nav is an amazing system for regular car drivers or bike riders. There is a snag though in that it is causing a problem for truck drivers and bridges. In the UK there are around 2000 collisions with bridges which have been related to Sat Nav devices. These collisions have caused an estimated 10 Million pounds worth of damage. The problem is that Sat Navs are not optimised for vehicle size. [Read more…]

Pac-Man Glasses Case

blinky_eyeglass_caseEtsy has always been full of weird and wonderful things. This time Etsy, or badclipart, hasn’t broken this trend. Badclipart has created the Pac-Man Glasses Case which features the red ghost named Blinky. [Read more…]

How’s the Party Going? Ask the Party Monitor

party-monitorsIf you are worried how your party is going then you need a party monitor. The party monitor can tell you exactly what the feeling is where you are. [Read more…]

NES Coffee Table

nestableThe NES Coffee table was created as a cool home made project. The huge table actually does function as a working NES controller and connects up a controller port on an original NES 8-bit console. [Read more…]

Nokia Maps on Ovi

nokia_mapsNokia recently demonstrated their new Maps application which (although they don’t admit it) it is to compete against Google Maps. The service will run on Ovi, which is their social media site. The map software is designed to run on the PC, but approaches the problem of decent mapping from a different angle. [Read more…]

Laptop on Steroids

eurocom-d90xcThis laptop comes from Eurocom. Eurocom is a company that I do not recall ever hearing about before, but from this offering of Laptop I find my self interested in what they have to offer. The D90XC comes with a 17.1″ WUXGA widescreen display running at an impressive 1920 x 1200 resolution. It can also run at 1680 x 1050 (WSXGA+) if needed. [Read more…]

Multi Touch Missile Command

missile-command-multitouchSince the day I first saw the multi touch screen on an iPhone I thought that multi touch was simply amazing. It still is! It just got better though with the introduction of a massive 8′ x 4′ multi touch wall capable of playing Missile Command. [Read more…]

3D Mouse Giveaway at GearCrave

3d_mouseGearcrave got their hands on some 3Dconnexion 3D mouse controllers to review and they are now giving them away. They have three of these controllers to give away to three of their lucky readers. [Read more…]

Universal Remote Concept

david-chacon-universal-remoteUniversal remote controls are not a new invention as they have been around before. Even the iPhone can be configured to control everything in your home. This one is still worthy of a mention though as it uses a large touch screen on the front of the device which is used to control most aspects of your home. [Read more…]

Handphone Concept – Just Crazy!

handphoneThis phone reminds me a little of Inspector Gadget. Do you remember when the phone rang he just popped the antenna out of his thumb and held his finger and thumb to his mouth and ear? This concept isn’t far from that idea. [Read more…]