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Will this bring the Hula Hoop back in?

led_hula_hoopMost people will have tried using a Hula Hoop. It was probably back in the early 80’s I last attempted and have no desire to try again. This doesn’t stop me wanting to mention this funky hula hoop though. The latest Hula Hoop now is packed with LED’s to make a crazy light show while the hoop is spinning. [Read more…]

Steak Branding Iron

steak_branding_ironThe time of year has arrived where BBQ’s are lit up in the garden while the sun is shining. If you like to throw a steak on the BBQ then pick up one of these branding irons. Each Iron comes with 52 high temperature branding letters to make up your own words to brand on to a steak. [Read more…]

Gadget Venue back with Full RSS Feeds

I recently learned from a couple of people that Gadget Venue for the last few days has been showing only partial feeds, when normally you will see full feeds. This appears to be due to a modification I made and a mixture of upgrading to WordPress 2.5.1. Well, what ever the problem was, it is now fixed (hopefully).

Drop a comment here if you still see a partial feed today and I will investigate further, but I believe all should be fixed now.

USB Memory Card Unlock

usb-memory-card-unlockIf you have password protected your mobile phones memory card, but unfortunately forgotten the password then this gadget is for you. The USB memory card unlock device allows you to recover your memory card once protected and lost. [Read more…]

PhotoTrackr Pro – GPS Picture Tracking

phototrackr_proWhen taking pictures, you often do not remember exactly where the picture was taken. Should you want to revisit that location, or find it on a map, you will probably find you have no chance of knowing. The PhotoTrackr Pro is a GPS device which tracks the exact longitude and latitude where the picture was taken. [Read more…]

VibeVault iPod Case

vibevaultYesterday we posted about an insanely expensive iPod Touch case. If $227 is too much for you to buy an iPod case then this alternative might be the better option. The VibeVault costs a lot less at $45. [Read more…]

Glow in the Dark PSP

glowing_pspHave you ever lost your PSP in the dark? If so, maybe you wished it could glow. It can now with these replacement covers. The XCM Magic Night Glow cases attach to the front of your PSP (slim version only) and as slipperybrick put it “Glow like a nuclear accident”. [Read more…]

Egg Phone Concept

egg-phone-conceptThe EGG mobile phone concept was designed by Roman Tubl and features a unique shaped body. The phone is surrounded by a red strip which illuminates when needed. The surface provides tactile feedback on it’s touch screen to allow for easy navigation. [Read more…]

Keyboard Ring in Sterling Silver

keyboard_ring I don’t know too much about jewellery type stuff, so I will keep it short. This ring is made of sterling silver and sports a number 8 key on top. It costs ‚¬165 from Manuel Bozzi. We can assume that the number 8 will be just any old random key stuck on the top. [Read more…]

Wolfenstein Turns 16

WolfensteinI remember playing Wolfenstein on the college computers back in the early 1990’s. The 3D graphics and smooth scrolling were just amazing! I got a quick reminder of how long ago that was just now when I stumbled across OhGizmo who were wishing the game a Happy Birthday for being 16 years old yesterday. How time flies!! [Read more…]

Huge Table Football Game

giant-football-tableTable football is a game I never really got to grips with. Just the thought of having to think about too many things at once just confused me even more. With this latest table football game, I have NO chance. [Read more…]

Robometer Senses your Happiness

robometer_senses_happinessThe Robometer is a device you wear on your wrist along with a couple of sensors attached to your fingers. [Read more…]