Time Flys with My Sports Clock

my_sports_clockThe My Sports Clock range of alarm clocks are perfect for the person who needs to express anger at his alarm. The clocks are built and padded out as sports balls which can be chucked against a wall to switch them off.

Five variations are available which are a baseball, basketball, football (soccer ball to the Americans), American Football and a Golf Ball. A list of Frequently Asked Questions is below to answer the plethora of questions you have.

My Sports Clock FAQ

Is there a snooze button?
No. It would be hard to turn off the snooze button after throwing the ball against the wall!

Can I damage the ball by throwing it too hard?
Yes! You don’t have to be Nolan Ryan to break it, but it’s still pretty tough. Also, be careful not to throw it against a surface that can be broken (like a mirror). The Bouncing Alarm Clock should NEVER be thrown at another person!

Can I use the Bouncing Alarm Clock in a real sports game?
No, silly rabbit! Clocks are for keeping time!

Can I use the Bouncing Alarm Clock in water?
Only if it’s in a water-tight container!

Is there another way to turn off the alarm?
Yes. You can also use a manual switch to turn off the alarm.

Hopefully you now know all you need to about the My Sports Football. Although I have seen similar items in the UK from a number of years ago, I still always wanted one and now there are 5 choices too which can’t be a bad thing.

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