NES Coffee Table

nestableThe NES Coffee table was created as a cool home made project. The huge table actually does function as a working NES controller and connects up a controller port on an original NES 8-bit console.

Under the controller you can find storage space to put your games, console boxes and what ever else junk you need to store away. To access it you just flip the controller lid over the top and the insides are revealed. With the buttons actually fully working the table comes with a protective glass cover which is slightly raised to clear the controller buttons and prevent damage.

Connected up to an LCD projector this makes for one of the bigger games machines and screens you would come across. It looks great fun to play although some serious technical skills would be needed to build such a device your self.

For instructions and more details check out the link below. For fun, check out the video of the controller being actually used to play one of the Mario games.

Details Via: Makezine


  1. Wow this is awesome, where can I buy one?

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