Sat Nav for HGV Drivers

satnav_for_trucksSat Nav is an amazing system for regular car drivers or bike riders. There is a snag though in that it is causing a problem for truck drivers and bridges. In the UK there are around 2000 collisions with bridges which have been related to Sat Nav devices. These collisions have caused an estimated 10 Million pounds worth of damage. The problem is that Sat Navs are not optimised for vehicle size. When a route is set, the sat nav system doesn’t take the size of your vehicle in to consideration and can easily route you under a bridge that is just that little bit lower then your lorry.

The solution is ProNav which is a fully features Sat Nav device which now takes size in to consideration. If you are a large truck or lorry then you just set it to avoid various routes with low bridges. To get the system to work you enter your vehicle dimensions and weight in to it and then weight limits, height limits and width limits are all taken in to consideration when the route is planned.

ProNav Key Features

Suits HGV’s, Vans, Caravans or Horse Transporters
Dynamic navigation based on;
Vehicles dimensions (e.g. height & weight)
Legal restrictions (e.g. no trucks allowed)
Other warning data (e.g. cross winds)
London Loading Bays & Penalty Charge Hotspots
POI Data for Professional Drivers (e.g. HGV petrol stations)
Seven Digit Postcode Routing
Six Months Free Safety Camera Alerts
Easily Switches to Regular Car Navigation
Over 40,000 other points of interest (non HGV)

Not a bad idea at all and I am sure these sat nav systems will be well received by truck drivers who must surely get fed up of dodgy routing.

Product Page Via: Pocket Lint

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