Universal Remote Concept

david-chacon-universal-remoteUniversal remote controls are not a new invention as they have been around before. Even the iPhone can be configured to control everything in your home. This one is still worthy of a mention though as it uses a large touch screen on the front of the device which is used to control most aspects of your home. It is designed by David Chacon and is described by DVice as a “Nerve Centre right in your pocket”.

The Universal Remote control if made, would be able to control your lights, curtains, oven, TV, music etc… all from it’s graphical interface. If you do not like the design of the interface then the option is there to design your own front end.

Of course, if you want to switch on and control your oven, you will need a compatible oven… but if you want that lazy boy type life then no doubt you have remote controls for everything already and now you just need a Universal Remote to mix them all in to 1 device. It looks great though and something I could see my self using 😉

Via: DVice


  1. jsanderz says

    I agree this remote looks the business, imagine coming in from work, sitting down with your remote and controlling the TV, Curtains, lights, and even the wife (just joking.)

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