Swiss Bike allows for Cycle and Drive Commuting

swissbikeA new bike has been created which can be folded up and carted around easily. It is named the Swissbike and has a full size 26″ wheel, is as durable as a regular mountain bike, but simply folds up to store away in your car.

The bike aims to be an in between for cycling and commuting. Due to the rising costs of fuel more people are looking for a cheaper way to travel to the office. However, the office isn’t always close enough to be able to cycle to. By having a fold up, full size bike it allows you to mix both together and drive part way while cycling the rest of the way.

The technology used was originally developed to allow military paratroopers to airdrop with this bike.

Overall I am impressed with the look of this bike, and from what I read it’s built strong too. More details of the Swissbike can be found at

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