Nokia Maps on Ovi

nokia_mapsNokia recently demonstrated their new Maps application which (although they don’t admit it) it is to compete against Google Maps. The service will run on Ovi, which is their social media site. The map software is designed to run on the PC, but approaches the problem of decent mapping from a different angle.

Unlike Google maps which use servers to calculate the maps and what you see, the Nokia version will use computing power on your own PC to create the graphics needed to make it run. What this will allow is rapid screen refreshes in real time which allow you to zoom in, rotate and fly around the area you are looking at. The data is vector based which helps speed up the process, but the CPU on your computer will actually take the brunt of the workload meaning that Nokia will not have to use lots of expensive servers to run the application.

One other very nice feature of this mapping service is the ability to plan walking directions, but in a “higher definition” as the maps will go down to more detail to show public walkways and pedestrian only streets to plan those types of routes which is what other mapping software currently lacks.

When you plan a route on Ovi you then have the option of accessing it from your Symbian Series 60 phone and you are there, able to use the map and route you just created online. Also it seems the ability to communicate with the web and upload photos and video is also to be integrated here… so when you are out on your route you can snap a picture, upload it along with the GPS co-ordinates and let your friends on Ovi see what’s what.

As of now, the software is closed off to other companies using it. An API is in planning stages to allow other companies to integrate the maps with what they do. Examples could be Twitter or even Nike where you could run, and download or upload your route from your phone to the Ovi social networking site.

Via: Wired

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