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Jamo DMR with 5.1

The Jamo DMR 70-A is a sleek AV unit measuring just 55mm high. It is a 5.1 channel DVD receiver which can output 5 x 65W of power, is Dolby Digital, DTS 5.1 and has Dolby Pro-Logic II decoding. [Read more…]

Network through you AC Outlets

Although not a new gadget, I still wanted to mention the Panasonic BL-PA100KTA network adapter which uses your electrical wires to create a network around your home. [Read more…]

Canvas Concept Computer

Canvas_concept_computerCanvas is the name of this concept laptop computer which was designed by Kyle Cherry. It is designed specifically for designers or artists. [Read more…]

BT2 Employee Monitor

exmocare-bt2-wristbandThe BT2 monitor system is made by Exmocare and allows employers to keep tabs on how their staff are doing “inside”, meaning in a heart rate, body temperature etc… way. It takes readings of a member of staff wearing it and reports it back to a central location where the manager [Read more…]

USB Memory Bomb

usb_memory_bombThe USB Memory Bomb isn’t the most convenient of shapes and might not fit too well in your wallet or pocket, but it certain to get a few people looking at it on your desk.

The Memory Bomb is designed by Joel Escalona from Mexico City and looks quite menacing in a cartoon type of way. Currently it is just a prototype and will probably feature a way to put your flash drive inside it or have the possibility to squeeze a hard drive in there.

If the price is right I can see my desk having one of these placed on it.

Via: Technabob

Smart Goggles help you find Lost Stuff

smartgogglesMany of you, if not all, have lost something. Quite often an item is misplaced and although you think you know where it is, it never is there. A new gadget has been created to work as you “minds eye” [Read more…]

Siafu PC Helps the Visually Impaired

Siafu_PCThe Siafu PC is currently being designed and is different to any other PC you will have seen. It is designed by Jonathan Lucas and features a Braille surface which is used to render 3D images. [Read more…]

Fitness Computer

The fitness computer is built for those who feel that they have been sat around for too many years. Why not get some exercise while typing away? The only thing that could make it better is by running to keep the computer powered. I am sure that would get the most lazy among us running 🙂

Via: PC News

Digital – Analog Clock

digital-analog-clockThis clock is quite amazing looking as it sports a digital look with an analog movement. Each of the seven segment displays mechanically move on the minute to display the current time. It does this by moving mechanically each [Read more…]

Electronic Post-It Note

Electronic-Post-It-NoteThe Post-It note was a great invention which many people still use today. Looking around the edges of my LCD I see several of them with tasks and information that I need to have at hand. They have served millions for years as self reminders. The problem with post-it notes is that they create a lot of clutter if not controlled. If I left my post it notes I could end up completely covering the edge of my screen with them. This is where the Electronic Post-It Note comes in to play. The home made device uses a computer track pad and a small LCD screen so you can electronically keep your post-it notes safe. When the task is complete you can then hit a button to erase the note clearing it for the next reminder you need to set. The device is powered by a rechargeable battery and requires some custom code to get it working. Luckily PopSci have done the hard work for you!

The project costs about $175 to build and is classed as a “hard” project to complete with it taking someone skilled about 7 hours.

Instructions Via: TechFresh

Belkin USB Hub for your Desk

belkin-grommet-usb-hub-promoThe Belkin USB hub is one of those brilliant designs that you wonder why it hasn’t been thought of before. The USB hub is shaped to fit perfectly in to an office desk grommet hole which can be found towards each back corner of most desks. A lot of gadgets these days require a USB port and this gadget provides just what you need for easy access with out the hassle of another couple of cables getting in the way on your desk. A few different sizes are available to fix the correct type of desk, so before you order make sure you check out your desk.

The USB Hub comes with a small power supply which attaches under the desk along side the USB cable that connects the hub to your PC. By having it’s own power source, it allows the USB hub to power more demanding devices.

What if you do not have a grommet hole? The option here is to get a drill and make your own. Just be careful with a drill though!

Via: SlipperyBrick

Slot Car Wall Art


Back in the 80’s, slot cars were cool. Tracks could be build in oval’s, figure of 8’s or many other variations if you had the spare track and space to build it. The slot car wall art is a sculpture made by Pete Nidzgorski and aims to bring back those good old days before online death matches even existed.

For more details on the Slot Car Wall Art sculpture check it out over here.

Via: GearCrave