Archives for March 2008

Non Contact Thermometer

Non_Contact_ThermometerThis little digital thermometer is handy for letting you work out the temperature of any surface with out making contact with it. [Read more…]

Tetris Chairs

Tetris_ChairsTetris came in to the light back when it came bundled with Nintendo’s GameBoy back in the 1980’s. The game was simple in that several blocks made from 4 squares scrolled down the screen [Read more…]

Windows Mobile 6.1 Arriving April Fools Day

WM_6_1Rumours are floating around about Windows Mobile 6.1 becoming available in just a few days on April 1st. Hopefully it isn’t an early April fools joke. [Read more…]

Solar Powered Boat Concept

Solar_Powered_Boat_ConceptPedal boats have been around for years but do require a lot of work to keep the thing moving. This latest concept gadget is a pedal powered boat with a built in solar panel. [Read more…]

11 Button Mouse

11_Button_MouseThe average mouse has 2 or 3 buttons on it. One for a left click, one for a right click and sometimes an extra one down the side to be used as a thumb control. [Read more…]

Tea Cup PC Concept

Tea_Cup_PC_ConceptI love a good concept gadget, but I cannot help but think that the designer of this concept too things a little too futuristic. The Tea Cup PC Concept contains a holographic projector which projects holographic images around the inside of the cup. [Read more…]

Transformers iPod Dock

Transformers_iPod_DockTransformers are showing up everywhere and the latest Transformer gadget is in the shape of Optimus Prime. The Optimus Prime iPod dock features inbuilt speakers and can actually transform to and from a robot. [Read more…]

Mobile Phones to be Allowed on Planes

Mobile_Phone_PlaneA decision has been made in the UK by Ofcom which will now allow mobile phones to be used on plane travel around Europe. The system will work with a base station located on the tail of the plane which will be activated after takeoff. [Read more…]

Melted Mobile Phone – Warning

Mobile_Phone_MeltedI have heard a number of warnings in the past about not leaving the charger of my mobile phone plugged in over night as they can, in rare circumstances, explode. [Read more…]

256Gb SSD Drive

256Gb_SSD_DriveSuper Talent, a company you may not have heard of before, has created what it claims to be the “worlds thinnest” SSD drive. This is quite a bold claim and unfortunately it is not really the thinnest, but rather the thinnest at this large capacity of 256Gb. [Read more…]

ApriPoko Robot Controlls Everything

apripocoThe ApriPoko is a robot which can sense infra-red beams and each time one passes by it, the robot will ask what just happened. When you provide this information, you train the robot which stores the command and infra-red signal details to use at a later date. [Read more…]

Pantech Mobile Phone Concepts

Pantech_CellphoneA company named Pantech who are from Korea recently threw together a contest where they were looking for mobile phone designs which could be made available by 2010. The results of this competition were excellent [Read more…]