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USB Desktop Dunk

Desktop Dunk is another perfect game for the boring office worker. The game comes with 4 mini basket balls, a scoreboard and even sound effects. It connects up to your PC or mac via USB and has 2 game variations to play. The first type is the practice game to get you in to shape and the second is competition so you can play with a few office workers who are also bored.

All these USB games, toys, ovens and fans make you wonder if the original designer of the protocol ever thought it would become this popular. I am sure he intended it for a quick way to attach just a standard mouse to your PC. I say keep bringing on these cool games!

The USB Desktop Dunk costs $25 from Firebox.

Via: GearLive

Cocaine Mule Companion Bags

cocaine-mule-companion-bagsThe Cocaine Mule companion bags come in a set of 4. The main bag has 3 other smaller ones to accompany it which measure 9″, 6″ and 3″ inch. What separates these bags from your usual type of shoulder bags are the intuitive modularity that allows them to connect together. The straps have magnets and Velcro attached which allows for the bags to be attached together keeping everything in 1, but yet, all things separate. Rather then me trying to explain, check out the diagram below.


GearCrave are giving away a set of 4 of these bags. To enter the competition is simple in that you need to just subscribe to their site via email with an email address that can be authorised. On the 10th March the draw will be done to select the winner of these bags which have a value of $115 USD.

Via: GearCrave

Top Gun RC Microfighter

top_gun_microfighterThis little plane is remote controlled and built like a fighter plane out of Top Gun. Just seeing the name Top Gun is enough to bring back the cheesy lines from the movie. Anyway, this RC micro fighter can do loops and other aerobatics. It is powered by 2 engines (props) which provide it enough thrust to easily fly around. Landings and take off’s can be performed also. The remote control section is a dual channel allowing for up/down and left/right as well as a throttle control.

A lithium-polymer battery can keep the micro fighter in the air for 10 minutes on a 30 minute charge which isn’t too bad.

To see a video of the Top Gun RC plane in action follow the jump.
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Lego Assembly Line Created

This assembly line is made entirely of Lego. It uses Lego NXT to keep the contraption running. What you will find amazing in the video below is the precise timing of all the parts that keep everything moving at exactly the right time. Check it out now!

Via: HackedGadgets

USB Retro Fan

USB_Retro_FanThis USB retro fan helps you to keep cool during the summer months. It connects up to either a USB 1 or USB 2 port and hopefully will have enough power to keep you feeling just right. To switch the fan on, plug it in to your USB port and flick the switch on the front. The fan stands 21 CM tall and is 75 CM wide.

The fan costs just £7.99 from DrinkStuff.

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