Smart Goggles help you find Lost Stuff

smartgogglesMany of you, if not all, have lost something. Quite often an item is misplaced and although you think you know where it is, it never is there. A new gadget has been created to work as you “minds eye” and works by using object recognition software.

The goggles feature a webcam mounted on top which records everything you look at. It then keeps a log of what it finds and where the object was last seen. If you loose it you then hunt through the footage and it shows you exactly where the object was placed. I wonder if this type of gadget would take off though as I cant imagine anyone wanting to wear a huge pair of goggles with a webcam stuck on top all day.

Would you wear them?

Via: SlipperyBrick


  1. Yes it is a good gadget, but i wouldn’t want to wear them. What happens if you are like me (very unorganised and fotgetful) and lose the goggles too?

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