Network through you AC Outlets

Although not a new gadget, I still wanted to mention the Panasonic BL-PA100KTA network adapter which uses your electrical wires to create a network around your home. It allows you to connect a modem at one socket on a wall, connect your network to another socket anywhere in your house and successfully link them up together. What this allows you to do is drop the hassle of wiring your home with Ethernet cables, and when moving your PC, you simply plug the network card in to a socket and it can still communicate with the modem. Of course, wireless has become a lot more secure since 2006 when this network card was first seen, but there are still some who are worried about security with a wireless network, and if you are one of them then this could be a tidy alternative for you.

Range for the HD-PLC adapter is 490 feet and transfer can be up to 70Mbps. If you are sharing electricity with other flat mates then AES 128-bit security can be enabled. 16 adapters can be used on a single circuit allowing many computers to be networked together.

These days, I would rather stick to wi-fi 😉

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