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Knife Proof T-Shirt

Knife_proof_tshirtA company based in Japan have created a “knife proof t-shirt” which mixes a bit of fashion with safety. The T-Shirt is ideal for those working in stores and those worried about knife attacks. [Read more…]

Hook up Six Monitors via USB

six-monitorsIf you have used a multi monitor set-up (2 or more monitors attached to your PC) then you will be totally aware of how much more productivity you have. [Read more…]

Jet Wall Clock from LEXON

Jet-Wall-ClockTheo Williams has designed a new wall clock named the Jet Wall Clock. The clock comes in either brushed anodized aluminium or has shiny gold finishes. The screen is dot matrix [Read more…]

La Crosse Alpha Power Battery Charger

la_crosse_alpha_chargerBattery chargers are nothing too exciting. You just plug them in, insert batteries and a few hours later the batteries are charged. There is nothing to jump up and down about there. [Read more…]

MediVista – Hospital Entertainment

MediVistaIf you have spent any amount of time in a hospital, you will be aware how bored you become very quickly. [Read more…]

Stash Card hides Cash in your Laptop

Stash_CardIf you do not use up your PC Card slot on the side of your laptop then you might want to look at replacing it with the Stash Card. [Read more…]

USB Flash Drive Duplicator copies 20

nexcopy-usb-flash-drive-duplicatorWe wrote about a flash drive duplicator a few days which was made by Aleratec. It had a hefty price tag of almost $1600. [Read more…]

Lego Telephone

lego_phoneLego is the coolest toy ever (according to me). This latest gadget is a Lego Phone which is built completely of Lego and features a slide out drawer full of spare bricks. This allows you to either modify [Read more…]

Guitar Hero on the Nintendo DS

guitar_heroA clip on controller for the Nintendo DS is being built which slides in to the BGA cartridge slot. What the controller does is ads 4 input buttons which allow you to jam away to guitar hero. [Read more…]

Flash Drive Duplicator

copytowerWhen mass duplicating media you often hit a snag that it takes so long to make copy after copy. Mass duplication devices more commonly known are for CD’s or DVD’s. Aleratec have just released a 1:11 USB copy tower [Read more…]

Sanyo Xacti CG9 Compact Video Camera

xacti_cg9The Xacti CG9 is built by Sanyo and is their latest compact video camera. The camera is a little fatter then normal which was designed this way on purpose. [Read more…]

Fascinating Figure Mobile Phone Concept

The Fascinating Figure is a concept mobile phone which attempts to emulate the reflections on a lake. The concept was designed so that the users feel “tranquillity” while looking at it. [Read more…]