Belkin USB Hub for your Desk

belkin-grommet-usb-hub-promoThe Belkin USB hub is one of those brilliant designs that you wonder why it hasn’t been thought of before. The USB hub is shaped to fit perfectly in to an office desk grommet hole which can be found towards each back corner of most desks. A lot of gadgets these days require a USB port and this gadget provides just what you need for easy access with out the hassle of another couple of cables getting in the way on your desk. A few different sizes are available to fix the correct type of desk, so before you order make sure you check out your desk.

The USB Hub comes with a small power supply which attaches under the desk along side the USB cable that connects the hub to your PC. By having it’s own power source, it allows the USB hub to power more demanding devices.

What if you do not have a grommet hole? The option here is to get a drill and make your own. Just be careful with a drill though!

Via: SlipperyBrick

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