Electronic Post-It Note

Electronic-Post-It-NoteThe Post-It note was a great invention which many people still use today. Looking around the edges of my LCD I see several of them with tasks and information that I need to have at hand. They have served millions for years as self reminders. The problem with post-it notes is that they create a lot of clutter if not controlled. If I left my post it notes I could end up completely covering the edge of my screen with them. This is where the Electronic Post-It Note comes in to play. The home made device uses a computer track pad and a small LCD screen so you can electronically keep your post-it notes safe. When the task is complete you can then hit a button to erase the note clearing it for the next reminder you need to set. The device is powered by a rechargeable battery and requires some custom code to get it working. Luckily PopSci have done the hard work for you!

The project costs about $175 to build and is classed as a “hard” project to complete with it taking someone skilled about 7 hours.

Instructions Via: TechFresh

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