BT2 Employee Monitor

exmocare-bt2-wristbandThe BT2 monitor system is made by Exmocare and allows employers to keep tabs on how their staff are doing “inside”, meaning in a heart rate, body temperature etc… way. It takes readings of a member of staff wearing it and reports it back to a central location where the manager can keep an eye on what’s happening.

The BT2 allows the manager to see how well the employee is doing physiologically and see if they are meeting the demands of the job. The information is sent via Bluetooth and web reports can be accessed anywhere in the world over the web.

Full details are lacking a little as this new version is not quite ready yet. I do wonder if this type of device will be used for employers to track what staff are doing/feeling like, or if it will be just a medical type device.


Via: Gadgetlite

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