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MediVistaIf you have spent any amount of time in a hospital, you will be aware how bored you become very quickly. Often there is nothing to do unless you enjoy reading a book. For some, they prefer more entertainment such as TV, Internet and radio. MediVista is set to fill this gap with a nice touch screen flat panel which attaches next to your bedside. Applications on the device allow you to get IPTV, VoIP, internet, email, games, radio and music. This is not a bad selection at all.

Other services include the ability to have X-Rays sent to the device so you can check out your body as well as medical notes/

Unfortunately these services probably do come at a price although the daily pricing is not yet mentioned. In the UK you can look at paying the equivalent of $6/day for internet, tv and radio. Phone calls are 20p per minute. Lets just hope that MediVista can knock these prices down in the US and provide some fair priced access to the outside world.

I do admit that the touch screen does look a nice size and the interface does look user friendly.

Via: TechChee


  1. Perhaps I’m overly cynical but I instantly had visions of contamination if these things were to be moved from patient to patient.. I hope that has been considered and everything can be thoroughly cleaned!

  2. I agree Helen although I had not thought about that before. I recently visited my wife in hospital and although visitors and patients are supposed to scrub their hands with that gel when entering, the phone section of the patient line device was not cleaned. Hopefully the whole thing gets cleaned correctly when patients move on and new ones move in to the bed.

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