Guitar Hero on the Nintendo DS

guitar_heroA clip on controller for the Nintendo DS is being built which slides in to the BGA cartridge slot. What the controller does is ads 4 input buttons which allow you to jam away to guitar hero. To keep the DS safe a strap is also included which keeps the DS attached firmly to your hand. When hitting the buttons on the guitar you can use your other hand to strum the guitar strings on the touchscreen.

We began prototyping ideas for Guitar Hero on DS in early 2007 ¦ We quite frankly didn’t know whether it would be possible to bring the core essence of the franchise to handheld and have it actually work. It was 20-something gameplay prototypes that were built, all trying different mechanics and uses of the hardware. Some were pretty cool, others were total disasters!

It looks like quite a funky add-on for the DS and could sell quite well. 20 licensed songs will be available which will also make use of the microphone.

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  1. Tiffany Randall says

    i love the idea for GH on the DS, i just dont understand how to hold it… plus strum… can you post a pic of some one holding it correctly… what about lefty flip?

  2. Man, i maybe 14 years old but i love DS. some im like totally pumped for Guitar heroDs. oh, and one more thing i need to say Maximum ride Rules.

  3. woyer2232 says

    this looks so cool and it would be good to have a pic of some one holding it and also how about making a Rock Band DS LOL now that would be funny to see a big-o drum set “add-on” for the DS and i guess you just scream at the internal mic of the DS maybe you’ll “have to” play with multyple DS’s one for every intrument and play via WI-FI of curse this idea come to a screaching hault when it come to the drums unless it just works as a guitar

  4. this looks WAY cool. i would totaly buy this! i think it would be hard to strum but you could do something like a scroll thing for ur thumb on the inserted color thingy. that would be alot easier. do you think this game would have diff characters or the same? anyway THIS ROCKS!

  5. i would also like to know how you would actually hold the ds cuz i dont really get it so there should be a picture of someone holding right

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