Flash Drive Duplicator

copytowerWhen mass duplicating media you often hit a snag that it takes so long to make copy after copy. Mass duplication devices more commonly known are for CD’s or DVD’s. Aleratec have just released a 1:11 USB copy tower which essentially lets you duplicate 1 flash drive to create 11 copies of data. It might seem a pointless device at first, but just imagine your company giving you the job of creating duplicate copies of media docs to be handed out at a press conference on flash drive. This device suddenly looks a lot less pointless. The duplication tower needs no computer to operate and is completely stand alone, meaning it can be easily carried around and duplicate a flash drive as and when needed.

As well as being able to duplicate, it can erase, compare and unload data from each drive as required. With a hefty price tag of $1575 USD it is aimed more at businesses creating media, or as Slippery Brick pits it “to load up your band’s debut album to give away as freebies at your next garage concert.”

Product Page Via: Crave


  1. Im pretty sure that with some USB port splitters and some motivation I could program a routine for this, way less then 1500.

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