Knife Proof T-Shirt

Knife_proof_tshirtA company based in Japan have created a “knife proof t-shirt” which mixes a bit of fashion with safety. The T-Shirt is ideal for those working in stores and those worried about knife attacks. The knife proof shirt is super strong but still practical at the same time.

The knife proof t-shirts first used a similar material to Kevlar which is used in military body armour. This was thinned down a little so the t-shirt was then flexible and felt more like a t-shirt to wear. But, the knife proof t-shirt was still strong enough to with stand a blow from a knife. The t-shirt is about three times stronger then those made from cotton fibres and it is still washable.

Unfortunately, safety comes at a price and you can expect to pay around $195 – $535 for the short sleeved version with an even larger $225 to $610 for the long sleeve version.

One last downside is that the t-shirt is only good for a slash across it rather then a direct jab to the chest.

Via: InventorSpot

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