Hook up Six Monitors via USB

six-monitorsIf you have used a multi monitor set-up (2 or more monitors attached to your PC) then you will be totally aware of how much more productivity you have. Tasks can be completed far quicker as the extra estate you have allows you to keep more windows open and cut out the problem of minimising and maximising windows. Add a third or even forth can help even more.

LG have now launched a 20.1 inch wide-screen display which connects to your PC via USB. The contrast ratio is 5000:1 and the response time is just 2ms. Unfortunately the USB standard is just compatible with Windows at the moment, but here is the cool thing. You can connect up to six of these screens to your PC and have a 6 screen display. Each LCD costs $391 which is fairly reasonable for the size of 20.1 inches.

The only downside of USB driven monitors is that no graphics card is used, so they do not do too well on Quake. But, they do work great for general type work.

Via: CrunchGear

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