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About a month ago you may have seen the Monster Cycle which stood 15 feet tall. It was one huge bike. Now we have BIGTOE which length is 15’4″ and height is 5’7″ – 7’6″ tall (variable height). It weighs a whopping 3600 lbs and has a Jag V12 engine which produces 300HP. As can be seen, the tires are also huge Firestone’s 18.4 – 34. In total the bike is 8 times larger then your average bike and has training wheels to keep you upright. I have seen a rumour that the training wheels retract once speed is gained. Also in the bike you will find a 500W 4 way speaker sound system with CD player. With that massive 300HP V12 engine, it is still only capable of 62MPH although I bet that speed would be scary on a bike that size.

The bike was built by Tom Wilberg from Sweden and it took six years to build (and about 3000 man hours). It cost $80k.



BIGTOE Bike Controlls

BIGTOE Bike Engine

Bigtoe Bike Shocks

Via: DreamGate

Portable Basketball

portable basketball
The portable basketball kit was designed to attach to the back of your car and allow you to play Basketball where ever you are. Details are a tad scarce though such as how high the hoop can be put before tipping your car over. Unfortunately it seems like this didn’t really take off as the product page is now dead.

Via: DailyGadgets

Shopping Cart Seat

Shopping Cart Seat
If online shopping has you hooked and you need that constant reminder of it then a shopping cart seat is perfect for you. It is made from old shopping carts/trolleys and is shaped in to a seat.

However, it costs an arm and a leg to buy at $2700 although that was back in 2001. Hopefully the shopping cart seat is a lot cheaper these days.

If you have even more money then you could go for the giant mopowered shopping cart to get the whole family in.

Via: ReadyMadeMag

Trash Can Computer

Trash Can Computer
This computer mod is one of the craziest I have seen. It is shaped like a large bin (trash can) and has all you need to use it as a PC in your home. If you flip open the lid you will see a number of components squeezed in there such as the PSU, motherboard, cables, CD drive etc. Around the back are the connections to hook up a keyboard, mouse, monitor and all your USB devices. No details on the specs though although with a bit of effort, anything could be put in to the can.

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Recycled PCB Coasters

Old technology often gets thrown away and forgotten about. There must be tons of printed circuit boards (PCB’s) that are just wasted. A company has decided to do their bit and create the PCB coaster which can be used to stand your drinks on. Each PCB coaster measures 9cm x 9cm and is carved out of old wasted circuit boards. They certainly will add a touch of geeky greenness in to any home.

Single units cost £2.75 each while a pack of 4 will cost you £10.99 at Revolve-UK.

Climbatron – The Climbing Robot

Climbatron is a robot which is capable of climbing windows, mirrors and any other similar smooth surface. To get him climbing you just sit him on the glass, and flick the switch. Once switched he will crawl around any surface his suckers can stick to. The feet are retractable and the robot measures 4.25 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide. It takes two AAA batteries to run.

Climbatron costs $9.99 from ThinkGeek.

Product Page Via: GizmosforGeeks

Water Resistant GPS Watch

Water Resistant GPS Watch
This watch is rather cool as it has a built in GPS tracking device. The screen is LCD and has 128 x 128 pixels which can display your location when ever needed. The GPS tracking is provided by a SiRF star III chip and the watch also has Bluetooth built in allowing you to hook it up to a PDA or laptop to add navigation in to the mix. The watch is also capable of keeping track of you and allows you to select various maps to show where you are and where you have just been.

Key Specifications/Special Features:

* Bluetooth-transmission GPS signal to any devices (PDA, smart phone and so on) for Navigation
* Equipped with GPS SiRF star III
* Separation of watchband
* Bike mounting
* Display speed/distance/ temperature
* Time correction
* Water-resistant (IPX7)
* Altitude/elevation data GPS provided altitude with vertical
* Comfortable, adjustable and flexible strap
* Smart power-saving mode
* One year warranty
* Store up to 120,000 way points
* Screen display
* LCD 128 x 128 pixels
* Position recorded: 256 sets
* Record track-logs of vehicle movement
* Display maximum speed, average speed, distance and moved time
* User can select among Google map, satellite or hybrid to show the track
* Reads NMEA data from GPS
* Replay the recorded routes, time and speed point by point
* Suitable for hiking, biking and walking

Product Page Via: TrendyGadget

Lego Salt and Pepper Shakers

Lego Salt and Pepper Shakers
These unique Lego Salt and Pepper shakers are shaped in the form of a Lego mans head. I am guessing the rougher looking guy on the right is the pepper. Available from Amazon they cost just $16.95.

Product Page

Tube Map Mirror

Tube Map Mirror
The London Underground has been around for a lot of years. Most of you will have seen an underground map with the different colours for each line showing you what goes where. If you cannot bare to not see a map first thing in the morning then a tube map mirror could save you. It measures 75cm x 52cm and has 6mm thick glass. Behind that glass is a fully fledged underground map which allows you to plan the quickest route to work while brushing your teeth.

The Tube Map Mirror costs £59.95 from alt-gifts.

World of Warcraft 3D Characters Printed

WoW (Blizzard Entertainment) have joined forces with Ed Fries (former MS game studios VP) to create 3D statues of individual characters from the popular game World of Warcraft. The service is named FigurePrints and costs around $100 to create professional looking 3D statues of your favourite character. When ordering you go through the step by step process and can choose anything from clothing to what they are standing on. Once built it will be delivered in a glass dome to where ever you wish.

The cool part of the system is that they use 3D printing to create the characters. 3D printers have been around for a few years, but still haven’t gained too much popularity due to high costs. The 3D printers can replicate any WoW model you wish and mixed with custom painting you have one seriously cool looking 3D model.

Product Page Via: SlipperyBrick

ASUS Eee PC Can run Vista – Just

The ASUS Eee PC is a small computer which comes with either Linux or Windows XP installed. Many have commented that Vista will not fit on it. Paul over at MoDaCo managed to squeeze vista on there and has provided instructions on how to do it. He used an Eee PC (unmodified) with 4GB of storage and 512MB RAM. An SD card was needed as well as a Vista DVD and a 1GB USB stick. For full instructions on how to get Vista on your Eee PC check out the full instructions over at MoDaCo.

Retro SatLess-Nav

Back in the early 80’s GPS satellites were around, but they did not become open to public use till 1994. Honda created this navigation system which did not use GPS and instead, used gas gyroscopes to track where you were driving to. All you had to do was slide in a transparent map of where you were and mark on the screen where your current location is and then drive around. The gyroscopes updated your position on screen so you would “never?” get lost.

Costing a hefty $2-$3k when it was launched in 1981 it was probably out of reach for most car owners.

Via: GPSMagazine