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Swiss Beat MP3 Player

When you think of a Swiss Army knife you often are reminded of a knife with blades, scissors and occasionally a laser pointer built in. The Swiss Beat MP3 player is their next attempt at making a really cool knife/MP3 player. It comes with a built in MP3 player housed in an aluminium case with a high quality 3 line LCD display. Also a handy feature is the scissors that come attached which make opening CD cases a lot easier when they are sealed up.

* Removable USB flash-based MP3 player with 1GB capacity
* Stereo FM radio with recording capability, 15 station presets
* Digital voice recorder with built-in microphone (MP3 format)
* 6 Equalizer modes
* Quality earphones with adjustable neck strap and anti-dangling mechanism
* Remote control with 2 earphone jacks and hold switch
* Plug and Play – no software required
* Utility CD and quick install guide
* Adjustable arm strap and belt clip
* Line-in cable to record from external sources
* Integrated rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery
* Supports MP3, WMA, WAV, Ogg Vorbis formats
* High speed USB 2.0
* 2″ blade, mini scissors, nail file with nail cleaner
* Dimensions: 2.9″ x .8″ x .9″ (7.4 x 2 x 2.3 cm)
* Warranty on tools (Lifetime) and electronics (2 years)
* View the User manual

Available from ThinkGeek for $149.99

Ebay Watch – Dr Who Tardis Bamboo Curtain

Dr Who Tardis Bamboo
If you are still awe struck by Dr Who’s Tardis and want to walk inside to find a HUGE room that lurks behind the door, then a bamboo Dr who tardis curtain could fix that magic for you. Put it on the entrance to any room and each time you walk in the door of the tardis you will see a nice big room behind it. Just note that you wont actually be in a tardis.

Each police box bamboo curtain is made of 90 lengths of wire strung with short pieces of bamboo. The pattern of the tardis is on both sides of the curtain.

Available now on EBay.

Coffin It Up – Coffin Speakers

Coffin Speakers
Made of black melamine these coffin speakers are sure to frighten the life out of anybody. Each coffin houses 2 sets of speakers one set which are 5″ 2 way as well as 6″ x 9″ three way speakers. Each coffin is 25.5 inches long, 13 inches wide and 8 inches deep. Inside there is vibration dampening material to help make crystal clear sound that even death would love to hear.

Via: Coffin It Up

Thodio iBox Dock

thodio iPod Amp
iPod docks are everywhere on the market. However, I believe that none look as good as the Thodio iBox which comes from Amsterdam. It was created a couple of years back and each case is handcrafted from 15mm of beech, oak, teak, zebrano or mahogany. Inside the box you will find a battery which can keep the dock pumping out music for 15 hours on one charge. This does away with the need of carrying cables around. The sound is produced by 2 x 25 watt amps and a pair of Focal Polyglass 100CV1 full range speakers.

An optional extra is Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to stream music from your phone or PC direct to it with out wires. This feature will set you back another ‚¬149.

Prices for the Thodio iBox start at ‚¬359 for the MDF version and go up to ‚¬549 for a deluxe finish.



Product Page Via: ICTBlog

Miniature Finger Punch Ball

Boxing Strength Tester
The miniature Finger Punch Ball will let you know if you are a mega wimp or super hero. It costs 32500 WON (around $35 I believe) and is the sure way to prove to your friends just who is the strongest.

Boxing Tester

Product Page

The Cave – Bookshelf Chair

Bookshelf Chair
The Cave is a bookshelf with built in chair allowing those avid book lovers to find a comfy space to read away. It was designed by Sakura Adachi from Japan and is described as a litteral way to “really get in to your reading”.

Two versions are available. The first costs $7045 and is sized for adults while the smaller version aimed at children costs $4830. They are built in the UK and take around 8 to 12 weeks to be delivered.

Bookshelf Chair1

Via: InventorSpot

Freaking Hot Torch

Butane Torch Tri-Flame
This triple jet torch fires out flames that reach 2000 degrees C (3652 F). With it being so hot it can melt copper, glass, gold, silver, tin and aluminium. It is perfect for a hobby shop, jewellery bench or lab. It is fuelled by a standard butane lighter canister and the torch has a protective cover which only opens when the torch is being used.

Each fuel tank can power the torch for about 1 hour of use.

The tri flame torch will set you back just $4.31 from DealExtreme.

The Green Car powered by Hydrogen

Hydrogen Generating Car
Making use of an on-board reversible Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM for short) fuel cell, we have a car which is powered by distilled water. To get the car moving it requires energy from the sun which is converted to electricity by using solar panels. This electrical charge mixed with distilled water performs a 10 minute electrolytic process. Oxygen and Hydrogen are extracted from the water and then the hydrogen slowly fed in to the PEM which fires up the car and it’s blue LED lights.

A feature of this car as well as it’s fancy fuel cells is the ability for it to find a clear path when driving. If it detects an object it will stop, scan around and find the best way onwards.

It is unclear how much driving time one fuel cell charge will give you. However, a handy addition to it’s specification is it’s ability to use regular batteries should the sun not be shining. It certainly will provide entertainment to any big kid.

The Hydrogen Powered Car is available at Hammacher and costs $99.95.

Switch Me – Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper has always come in 2 shakers as long as I can remember. This new concept idea puts both shakers in to 1 unit. By flicking a switch you can switch between salt or pepper. Two chambers are found inside which prevents the salt and pepper from mixing.

As it’s only concept there is no release date for this idea.

Via: YankoDesign

Desktop Christmas Tree

DeskTop Christmas Tree
Christmas tree’s are a pain to clean up after you take them down a few days after Christmas. Needles go everywhere and you have to then find somewhere to chuck the tree. This desktop LED Christmas tree will save you all the hassle although I doubt you will see many presents under it as it stands just 4 inches tall. Ok, it’s not going to replace your living room Christmas tree, but it is a perfect desktop companion through out this festive season. It is powered by a 9V battery which I assume lasts a long time with it powering just the little LED’s.

This little Christmas tree is available at Firebox for £6.95.

Amazon Kindle Gutted

Amazon Kindle
Unboxing ceremonies tend to be where a webmaster whips out an electronic gadget out of it’s box and shows you the unpacking process including what comes in the box. Rapid Repair took it a step further by actually taking the product out of it’s casing. This product was the new Amazon Kindle which is a new eBook reader from Amazon. Check out RapidRepair for the full taking apart procedure.

Via: Fosfor

Spider Pig Speaker and Radio

Pig iPod Speaker
This spider pig can play music through it’s nose. It connects to your PC or iPod and pumps out the music from either device. If you want to use it as a radio then that’s no problem either as it has a built in FM tuner. It’s ears control the volume and radio channel and the pig can be powered by either 4 AAA batteries or USB.

Product Page