Trash Can Computer

Trash Can Computer
This computer mod is one of the craziest I have seen. It is shaped like a large bin (trash can) and has all you need to use it as a PC in your home. If you flip open the lid you will see a number of components squeezed in there such as the PSU, motherboard, cables, CD drive etc. Around the back are the connections to hook up a keyboard, mouse, monitor and all your USB devices. No details on the specs though although with a bit of effort, anything could be put in to the can.

More pictures after the jump.

Trash Can Computer Back

Trash Can Computer CD

Trash Can Computer Side

Trash Can Computer Top

Via: Crazytopics


  1. This has gotta be one of the coolest CPU units, I have seen yet! Its amazing and it really does look like a trash Its a clever disguise for a CPU especially in work area’s that have tons of outside visitors walking around.. Very Cool”

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