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Sharp AQUOS 822SH Phone

The AQUOS 822SH is Sharp’s latest phone to hit the market. Unfortunately it’s just in Japan as it features 1-Seg allowing you to watch digital TV on the small screen. The body is made of aluminium and the phone weighs 120g. A common problem with phones is that the screens are often in portrait mode. This phone’s screen can rotate 90 degrees to allow the screen to be used in landscape (wide screen) mode and still be able to sit with out falling over. Five colours are available which are light blue, white silver, black, gold or pink.

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Bowling Pin Lamps

For those who love bowling comes the perfect way to light your room. These bowling pin lamps provide soft light while standing up. The cool feature is how you switch them off. You need to knock them over which triggers the on/off switch. Just be careful not to launch a full bowling ball at them though as I am sure they wont be that strong.

Each pin costs $21.95.

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Dash Express GPS Device

dash express
The Dash Express is an internet connected device which has the ability to track other Dash Express units which enables traffic information to be shared. With it having an internet connection it also can access details from Yahoo Local search and Outlook. A custom website is also available which will allow you to tag all your favourite types of places which can then be retrieved based on your location.

The Dash Express will retail for $600 when it launches early next year.

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Virtual Cable Car Navigation

Virtual Cable
The Virtual Cable is a car navigation system which can display the route as a cable which has the appearance of hanging in the air like a tram cable. The image of the cable appears to be 3D and part of the landscape that you are driving on. The driver then uses his peripheral vision to follow the cable which indicates where corners and bends are. For the cable to appear in 3D the system uses a unique volumetric display which embeds the image on to the windscreen.

This device does look promising. Check out the videos over at MVS.

S5 GPS Like Tracking Device is Tiny

gps tracking
This new tracking chip is built by S5 Wireless. The chip is smaller then a coin and is a low cost unit coming in either the chip, module or a tag ($2, $7 or $10). Batteries that power these chips have the potential to keep the device going for up to 4 years with a 2100mAh battery transmitting once every 30 minutes. Main uses for this chip could be to attach it to products, people, vehicles or pets. The chip uses signals from S5’s own network of stations in some cities in the US. Eventually it will roll out to more cities and hopefully countries around the globe. Accuracy is not quite as good as GPS, but outdoors it can triangulate you to the nearest 35 feet and indoors to about the closest 45 feet. For a cheap low powered device this isn’t bad at all.

Lets hope they can roll out the tracking stations asap 🙂

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Petrol RC Hummer

Petrol RC Hummer
This Hummer is RC and petrol powered. It’s a massive 1/5 scale which dwarfs most other radio controlled cars. The engine that powers this beast is a 26cc DZY and can make the Hummer shift at up to 50MPH which is flippin quick for a car this size.

The RC Hummer is made of aluminium and has a centrifugal clutch and differential. The RC hummer runs on 2 stroke oil mixed with regular unleaded petrol found in all UK petrol stations. By mixing 5 litres of unleaded with 250ml of 2 stroke oil, you get just the right mixture to make it go.

By travelling at 50MPH it can quickly go out of range if you are not careful. If this happens then having the failsafe option will simply shut down and the Hummer will roll to a stop, which might not be good, but better then slamming in to a wall at full speed. At least your wall will now be a bit safer 😉

The RC Hummer will set you back just short of £350 with the failsafe option costing £12.99.

1 ) Scale: 1/5
2 ) D/W: Rear 2WD system, differential with built-in gears
3 ) Brakes: Rear Disc
4 ) Speed: 80km/h
5 ) Engine: Single cylinder, two stroke, air-cooled, 26cc
6 ) Torque: 1.8N.m
7 ) Power: 1.58kw / 2.15 bhp
8) Fuel: Petrol / engine oil (25:1)
9 ) Fuel tank capacity: 40 minutes
10) Start method: pull start
11) LxWxH: 700x530x350mm
12) Tires: 190mm
13) Wheelbase (F/R): 480mm
14) Tread: 340mm(F)/370mm(R)

1 ) Fully assembled
2 ) Powerful pull start 26cc engine
3 ) Heavy duty parts (many metal)
4 ) Differential with built-in gear
5 ) Fully adjustable oil-filled shocks
6 ) Disc brake system
7 ) CE/ROHS approved controller
8 ) Strong 15kg/cm OEM Futaba servo
9 ) Sealed electronics box for use on wet days
10 ) Aluminium chassis
11 ) Waibro Carburetor
12 ) NGK spark plug
13 ) 80 km/h top speed

Get A Mac – Christmas Ad

Merry Christmas from Apple 😉 This ad was made by LAIKA/house and is a stop-motion animation (ie. It’s not CG).

ELink Flash Card for GBA

The ELink is a memory card for the GBA and other similar devices which comes in either a 512Mb (megabits) or 1Gb (gigabits) configuration. The storage space can be used to store up to 32 games on to the card allowing you to carry more games around with you. As well as being able to store games there is also a cheat function. On the memory card is a USB connection allowing you to connect it to your computer to make transfers.

Available from DealExtreme it costs $21.80.

USB Hand Warmer

usb hand warmer
As I sit and type this at home, it’s absolutely freezing. Yes, the heating is dodgy here. When I saw the USB hand warmer I think it’s perfect for me through this winter season. It costs just $11 and warms up your hands via power sucked out of your USB port. The downside is that it does take half an hour to warm up to 50 degrees.

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Never Forget your Shopping list with Smart Shopper

If you are ever sent out shopping to the super market then you will understand that everything the wife asked for is forgotten about. It’s just the way it is for some reason. If you pick up a smart shopper then you never need to forget the items again. The Smart Shopper is voice activated and will track everything your wife asks for. When she isn’t looking you can quickly print out what was asked for and take it along to the shop. For $149.95 it’s well worth the money.

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Carpet Alarm Clock

The Carpet Alarm clock is designed to force you out of bed to switch it off. When beeping away it requires that you place both feet on it and stand up. I am not too convinced though and think the only way to get up in the morning is to have an ejector bed to launch you out of the bed.

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Lego Egg Timer

Lego Egg Timer
The Lego Egg timer is a perfect way to make sure you boil your eggs just perfectly. The Lego head has 3 faces on it which rotate around as the timer counts down. The Lego Egg Timer costs $16.95 at Amazon.

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