Water Resistant GPS Watch

Water Resistant GPS Watch
This watch is rather cool as it has a built in GPS tracking device. The screen is LCD and has 128 x 128 pixels which can display your location when ever needed. The GPS tracking is provided by a SiRF star III chip and the watch also has Bluetooth built in allowing you to hook it up to a PDA or laptop to add navigation in to the mix. The watch is also capable of keeping track of you and allows you to select various maps to show where you are and where you have just been.

Key Specifications/Special Features:

* Bluetooth-transmission GPS signal to any devices (PDA, smart phone and so on) for Navigation
* Equipped with GPS SiRF star III
* Separation of watchband
* Bike mounting
* Display speed/distance/ temperature
* Time correction
* Water-resistant (IPX7)
* Altitude/elevation data GPS provided altitude with vertical
* Comfortable, adjustable and flexible strap
* Smart power-saving mode
* One year warranty
* Store up to 120,000 way points
* Screen display
* LCD 128 x 128 pixels
* Position recorded: 256 sets
* Record track-logs of vehicle movement
* Display maximum speed, average speed, distance and moved time
* User can select among Google map, satellite or hybrid to show the track
* Reads NMEA data from GPS
* Replay the recorded routes, time and speed point by point
* Suitable for hiking, biking and walking

Product Page Via: TrendyGadget


  1. Jesus Arriaga says

    somos distribuidores de telefonía celular, rastreo satelita y telemetría, me interesa su producto para distribuir en México.

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