World of Warcraft 3D Characters Printed

WoW (Blizzard Entertainment) have joined forces with Ed Fries (former MS game studios VP) to create 3D statues of individual characters from the popular game World of Warcraft. The service is named FigurePrints and costs around $100 to create professional looking 3D statues of your favourite character. When ordering you go through the step by step process and can choose anything from clothing to what they are standing on. Once built it will be delivered in a glass dome to where ever you wish.

The cool part of the system is that they use 3D printing to create the characters. 3D printers have been around for a few years, but still haven’t gained too much popularity due to high costs. The 3D printers can replicate any WoW model you wish and mixed with custom painting you have one seriously cool looking 3D model.

Product Page Via: SlipperyBrick


  1. 3D Printers says

    A company called Fabjectory is popping out Second Life fiugres. This is going to be a booming business. Next up will be Spore.

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