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Power Button Earrings

power button earrings
For those who like to wear geek type jewellery, these earrings might be for you. They have power button symbols on them and are handmade and moulded from actual Apple power buttons.

Would anyone actually wear these? They should come out with some cuff link versions if they haven’t already.

Via: GeekSugar

iPhone Remote Control for the Home

iPhone Remote Control
Mainlobby is a cool device which allows you to control various items around your home. Controllable things include lighting, heating, TV and other video equipment, audio and anything else that you could probably think of. The Mainlobby system is a touch screen which sits on your wall and interfaces with all your equipment.

Now there appears to be a cool web interface which will allow your iPhone or Touch to integrate with Mainlobby and use the iPhone/Touch as a remote control. It works by using Mainlobby’s built in web server and Safari’s AJAX support.

With the iPhone and Touch having great touch screens I can see this particular item doing well for controlling your home from wherever you are.

Via: EngadgetMobile

3D Pictures for All with Loreo

Loreo have created a unique lens cap which captures 2 images at the same time on to the same photo. Each lens is a few inches apart which allows it to create a 3D effect. To view the images you will need a 3D viewer. The idea is quite good although I can see it warring off soon after buying it. The contraption isn’t too expensive at $100.

Via: UberGizmo

Inkel 7 Inch Sat Nav

Inkel 7 Inch Nav
The Wide Touch 7″ sat nav (W-700) comes from Inkel who are based in Korea. As the name suggests, it has a touch screen which is 800×400 WVGA. Inside you will find a Dual Core CPU running at 360MHz+300MHz as well as a SiRF III chipset for the GPS. On the memory side it has 128MB DDR SDRAM and has a text viewer as well as digital photo frame functions. The sat nav software installed is Mappy United map software.

The price will be $506 when released.

Via: TechFresh

Luquid Lenses Around the Corner

Fluid type optics could be making their way to your digital camera and phone camera with in the next few years. A company in Japan has invested money in a small US firm which will be working on this type of fluid lens technology. The company is named Holochip and they use the lens under pressure which can change the shape as needed and give a long or short focal length. With the lens being liquid, some have mentioned a worry about them freezing over. According to Holochip they can operate down to -20 degrees C which is a tad colder then the average freezer.

Via: Digitalworldtokyo

BTTF Hoverboards – Are they Real?

Back in the 80’s the cool Back to the Future films were launched. In BTTF 2 we saw Marty floating around on a hoverboard while being chased by Griff and the gang. This video looks to be an old attempt to re-enact that scene. Check it out below 🙂

Hoverboards Being Used ! Rarely Seen Footage !The best bloopers are here

Dattoos – Concept DNA Based Technology

The Dattoo is a DNA based personal technology that uses the skin of your body as an interface. Yep, it’s concept and one I don’t see coming out any time soon. It is designed by Hartmut Esslinger

To achieve absolute personal identification, the hardware would capture DNA from the user’s body, enabling direct participation in the political and cultural landscape. The technology would link remote users through engagement with their areas of interest…

Users view, test-drive, and select their product from a variety of options, both functional and aesthetic. They also set the life cycle of the product, to be utilized for a few hours or a much longer amount of time. Once users are satisfied with their specific configurations, they have this fully-functioning circuitry – including all UI-interactive and display functions – ‘printed onto recommended areas of their skin. Energy would be pulled from the human body to run the programs. At the end of the day, users would simply wash the Dattoos off, beginning anew the following day.

The idea does seem a little crazy, but I guess it could have it’s uses such as quickly accessing information that you know you will definitely have attached to you (literally). Also IBM a few years back tested using living skin to transmit data across. This could mean you transfer music from a camera in your left hand to the PC you are touching with your right hand. I’d prefer to stick to BlueTooth.

It all sounds too freaky to me and I’d be scared to see a BSOD on my arm.

Via: Technovelgy

TimeFlex – Stick on Watch Concept

TimeFlex is a unique concept idea which uses a “self-gumming” sticker like watch which can stick on to any surface such as your hand, arm or clothing. The idea behind it is that sometimes you need a watch on you but it’s not always a good time to do so, such as when swimming. This watch could literally be stuck to your wrist or swimwear and not create any drag.

It’s not a concept I expect to see happen too soon though.

Via: Solovyovdesign

MobGAS – Mobile Alerts of your Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Green issues are becoming more mentioned in society these days due to the effects on the climate and the waste that we all throw out. MobGAS is an application that will help people become more aware in Europe and the rest of the World. The software makes a connection with daily activities and can make suggestions on how to lower those emissions. When running the software you will find more then 60 appliances which are used daily. What you need to do is then log what you do each day. The mobGAS software then calculates what you could cut out or cut down on and gives you a full report on how much greenhouse damage you are causing.

By bringing this software to a mobile phone it has the potential to reach a HUGE audience. Most people carry around a phone, and having this little reminder running in the background could be a nice way of getting everyone to do their part.

More Details

Rechargeable RC Beetle Battle

RC Beetle Battle
These RC toys allow you to take on your friend in a fight… a beetle fight that is. Two remote control beetles can battle each other to find out who is the winner. The RC beetles can move 4 ways as well as a lift up function to try flip your enemy. Think of it as a tame “robot wars”. Unfortunately only 1 beetle is in each pack, but they do provide a training target for practice though. The remote control runs on 4 AA batteries which also doubles as a charger for the beetle. Each beetle is 50 x 90 x 145mm.

Product Page – $44.50

TechLasers 125mW Green Laser Review

I was contacted two weeks ago by TechLasers asking if I wanted to review “the coolest and most powerful laser you have ever seen in your life! :-)”. Of course I agreed and a few days later an Infinite 125mW Green Laser was posted through my door.

Before I continue, I must stress that the Infinite 125mW laser is not a toy and those using it should take proper precautions and act according to the law. Also note that most red dot laser pens you get on the market for about $20 rate at around 5mW. You can see how powerful the Infinite 125mW will be – yes… it can actually burn things.

Infiniti Series

The Infiniti series laser pens come in various versions running from 15mW to 125mW. As the laser steps up in power, you will see more can be done with the pen. The 125mW version is capable of the following… Laser beam dot is visible, Laser beam is visible at night, Laser beam is visible in day light, Can burn holes in black plastic, Pop black or dark balloons, Stings bare skin, Light matches, Can burn/cut black electrical tape, Melt rubber and some plastics.

Infinite 125mW

The Laser Pen

The laser comes in a nice presentation box. On opening the box you find the laser pen which looks very sleek. It is almost completely black with the exception of gold coloured ends and a gold clip. The warning sticker on the end lets you know not to look in to the path of the beam and to use with caution. The laser pen uses 2 * AAA batteries to function which can keep the device powered for about 3 hours. Considering that they are AAA they are more readily available then the usual button cell batteries most laser pens use.

Indoor Testing

Indoor Green Laser

This photo was taken indoors with the lights off. As can be seen the green laser beam can clearly be seen as well as the dot which pretty much lights up the whole room. One thing to be careful of is hitting mirrors or anything reflective as it doesn’t do your eyes any good. Using this laser is like having star wars in your living room. It honestly is seriously cool.

Outdoor Testing

Outdoors Laser Pen

Although this picture is not too clear (I will take another one tomorrow evening), you can clearly see the green laser beam right in to the sky. Tests show that you can shine a dot on an object a long way from you. I will get measurements this weekend and get more demonstrations of it’s sheer power uploaded.


TechLasers sell some seriously powerful laser pens. Everybody who has seen it has been amazed at it’s power and what it can do. If you are looking for a decent powerful laser pen then do check out TechLasers.

NEC Lightcam

This little security cam is made by NEC in Japan. Rather then taking power from being plugged in to a wall, it uses electromagnetic induction from a system developed by Sharpe. To get power, you just need to ensure it’s near a fluorescent light and the light switched on. When the light is switched on a magnetic field surrounds the light and this field is enough for this device to keep powered.

On the technical side of things this camera has a VGA resolution and takes pics every 10 seconds. By using wi-fi, these images are sent to a PC allowing them to be saved, or displayed on screen.

Via: DigitalWorldTokyo