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Sun and Moon Jars

Sun and Moon Jars are a unique way to create some nice warm lighting in your home. Each jar features a solar cell with rechargeable battery which can power the low power LED lamps for several hours. When placed in sunlight the batteries will charge allowing the glow to shine at night. The jars are frosted allowing the light to be diffused and look more realistic. There are no switches or controls for the lamps as they feature light sensitive switches inside which switch the LED’s on and off when needed. However, if you really really want to switch them off then you can flip the lid and switch them off manually. If the battery gets worn out over the years then you can replace it with another rechargeable AA battery.

The Sun and Moon jars cost $29.99 – $34.99 each and are available below.

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Digital Picture Converter

Digital Picture Converter
Many people will still have old 35mm slides and film negatives which will either deteriorate over time or end up being damaged or lost. This Digital Picture Converter allows you to easily convert those slides and negatives in to digital images on the computer. The box aligns each negative correctly and a touch of a button quickly scans the image to the PC. The resolution is 5 mega pixels with 10 bits per colour channel. The focus is fixed as well as the colour balance.

For $99.95 you could be getting a great deal if you have a lot of pictures to convert. The Digital Picture Converter is available from Hammacher.

Retro Webcam

Retro Webcam
This retro webcam may look old, but it packs in a good number of features which make it perfect for any computer users desk. The retro webcam can fit on top of a flat screen, or a tripod and has a glass lens, hidden microphone built in and can record both video and still shots in 24 bit colour. The focus of the camera is 5cm-infinity and resolution (VGA) of 640 x 480. Exposure on the images is controlled automatically or manually. It connects to your USB port and is compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or Vista.

The Retro Webcam will set you back £24.99 in the UK (about $45 USD)

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PixelBlocks – Bring the Pixel to your Desk

The old pixel has been a slave to the monitor and LCD for years. Thousands of them can be seen on your screen. The PixelBlock has broken away from the screen on to your desk. With PixelBlocks you can create 2D and 3D images on your desk by slotting little pixels together in 3 different ways. They come in an assortment of colours which have little peg and hole systems which allow them to be linked up.

peg and holehalf lockside lock

You can create anything you want in 8-bit style from Mario or Sonic, to self portraits. Speaking of self portraits… if you decide to make a 2D representation of your own face then on-line software makes this task a lot more simple for you. The software is called PixelBlocks Digital Stained Glass Creator. You simply upload an image of your self to the website which when they receive it they send you back PDF instructions which tell you which pixel to place where. Keep the software side a secret and you will be able to amaze your friends with your skills.

PixelBlocks Sample

Yoshi PixelBlocks

Treasure Chest PixelBlocks

PixelBlocks come in 3 sets which cost $19.95, $29.95 or $59.95 from Firebox.

Cerevellum – Amazing Gadget for your Bike

The good old pedal bike is one of the greenest ways of travelling around. However, some like their cars due to the cool gadgets, sat nav, radio’s and sometimes TV’s. If you cannot give all the luxuries up then you might be able to now with the Cerevellum. The Cerevellum is an information device which attaches to the handlebars of your bike. It can be described as a mini computer which can have 4 modules attached via USB. These modules vary and each is interchangeable as the need changes. For example the Hindsight is a small camera that you mount on the back of your bike. The image is then displayed on-screen allowing you to quickly see what is behind. Another module is the power meter which can track speed, time, distance and keep track of other various statistics of your journey. For those who want a nice workout you could then choose the heart-rate module. This one measures how your heart is doing as you ride along. Of course there is always the GPS module which can be attached to provide directions when you are in unfamiliar territory.



Overall it’s quite a cool bike device which with it’s modular system could easily be expanded. All they need to create now is the air-con mod, the radio mod and the V12 mod.

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USB Mushroom Lamp

USB Mushroom Lamp 1
These USB Mushroom lamps are a perfect way of lighting up your computer desk. They are designed just like the mushroom’s from the famous Mario games and are powered by USB from your computer. If you do not have a USB port, or do not even have a computer then these lamps can be powered by batteries also. Costing just $13 you get some quite cool ambient lights for your office.

USB Mushroom Lamp

USB Mushroom Lamps Cable

USB Mushroom Lamps Close

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4000 Dollar EcoBike

The Valeswood Pearl is a hydrogen fuelled power assisted bike which can take you about 80 miles on one charge at about 15MPH. The bike is foldable allowing for it to be easily stowed away and carried around. Although a great idea, I think the $4K price tag is a little off putting. Maybe when these bikes come in under $1k people might start looking.

Via: GeekieGadgets

Custom Laser Projector

This cool laser projector was created by those over at instructables. It uses a green laser and a few various parts which when bundled together project an image from a photo frame. The projected image also requires no focusing and can be perfectly clear where ever it is projected on to. The sample image above is about 30 meters away. All we need now is a video laser projector mixed with red, green and blue lasers. Maybe that will come another day.

More details after the jump.

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DOS Cushion

Dos Cushion
This cushion has the old familiar to most, DOS command prompt running the DIR command. It’s unique and cool for anyone who wants a reminder of the good old days of computing.

Via: Fosfor

Pizza Box PC Mod

This Pizza box (from Little Caesar) contains a fully working PC inside. Of course there is no pizza in there ;). When the lid is flipped it reveals the motherboard, PSU, hard drive and DVD player. None of the actual equipment seems to be secured down too well as you can see the sticky tape holding various parts in place. However, how often do you really need to shift your PC around for that to be a problem? More pictures of the mod are found after the jump. However, the trash can computer is my favourite PC mod at the moment.

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Plantarium Vial Garden

These glass tubes contain an interesting gel made by NASA scientists. The gel allows seeds to be grown inside the tubes and as the gel is transparent, you can also see the plant growing below the service. The glass tubes are 7 inches tall and there are 5 different varieties available which are basil, melon, marigold, pepper, sunflower or tomato.

Each plantarium vial garden costs $9.95 from brooklyn5and10.

Via: FreshPilot

A-Team Style Christmas Decorations

Camouflage Christmas Tree Decorations
If the A-Team celebrate Christmas then they would use these camouflage Christmas tree decorations. They are built from glass and designed by Alexander Malinovsky. They also come packed in a crate type looking box to keep them safe while shipping them. Costing around $25 you get 6 in a box.

Camouflage Christmas Tree Decorations Box

Product Page Via: 7Gadgets