Cerevellum – Amazing Gadget for your Bike

The good old pedal bike is one of the greenest ways of travelling around. However, some like their cars due to the cool gadgets, sat nav, radio’s and sometimes TV’s. If you cannot give all the luxuries up then you might be able to now with the Cerevellum. The Cerevellum is an information device which attaches to the handlebars of your bike. It can be described as a mini computer which can have 4 modules attached via USB. These modules vary and each is interchangeable as the need changes. For example the Hindsight is a small camera that you mount on the back of your bike. The image is then displayed on-screen allowing you to quickly see what is behind. Another module is the power meter which can track speed, time, distance and keep track of other various statistics of your journey. For those who want a nice workout you could then choose the heart-rate module. This one measures how your heart is doing as you ride along. Of course there is always the GPS module which can be attached to provide directions when you are in unfamiliar territory.



Overall it’s quite a cool bike device which with it’s modular system could easily be expanded. All they need to create now is the air-con mod, the radio mod and the V12 mod.

Product Page Via: ecogadget

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