Custom Laser Projector

This cool laser projector was created by those over at instructables. It uses a green laser and a few various parts which when bundled together project an image from a photo frame. The projected image also requires no focusing and can be perfectly clear where ever it is projected on to. The sample image above is about 30 meters away. All we need now is a video laser projector mixed with red, green and blue lasers. Maybe that will come another day.

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Materials Required:

* Green laser module 10mW+
* 1 solid length of wood (~90cm)
* polymorph pellets (or a willingness to create lens holders from wood, plastic, etc)
* concave and convex lens. You can get these from old disposable cameras which camera shops will throw out by the dozens.
* Hardware for attaching rail to wood (bolts or screws, depending on method).

Optional Materials:

* Dinkle rails, with 72mm rail modules (x4), and the mounting feet (x8), available from (note, you may find a better way of mounting the parts, but this one works for me).
* Perspex or pcb 72mm with for Dinkle mounts.

Tools required:

* Drill
* Jigsaw or handsaw
* Hole making bits for drill (if using wood to create lens holders)

Via: HackedGadgets and Instructables

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