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Hovering Target Shooting Game

Hovering Target Shooting Game
The Hovering Target Shooting Game is unique due to it’s ability to blast jets of air and suspend six foam balls in mid air. By using the 6 shot plastic dart gun you shoot at the floating foam balls and try to knock them over. The height of the floating balls can be adjusted also. The device needs 4 C type batteries to work and looks like a good laugh for the office in quiet times. In the middle of the game you will see a target which can be used for calibrating the dart gun to ensure you get the best shot possible.

Product Page Via: Gizmo-Central

Onion Goggles

Onion Goggles
If you suffer from tears when chopping Onions then the Onion Goggles will sort you out. The onion goggles have fog-free clear lenses along with a foam seal that goes around your eyes to prevent the onion vapors from making you cry. The glasses will fit most faces and guaranteed to make you look weird.

They cost $19.95 which seems a little steep although it could be perfect for a person with a full time onion cutting job.

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LG HDTV Fridge

If you find your LCD screen on your fridge isn’t good enough then grab your self an LG fridge which has an HDTV built in. The fridge is a shiny metal 2 door type which sports a 15″ HDTV in there along with a tuner. A second screen can be found on the other door which measures 4″ and uses cellular signals to display the weather and also shows recipes, calendars, to-do lists and even photos via USB.

The HDTV fridge will set you back $3999 when it is launched next year.

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Cologial Marble Run

You may have seen a rube goldberg type contraption on Youtube. They are the devices which include almost every square inch of your house and everything in it and basically keep a flow of movement going from start to finish with out human intervention. Objects such as toasters popping out toast to hit a switch to turn on a flame which burns a string which launches a bowling ball are commonly seen in these devices.

ThinkGeek now brings us a miniature version which allows you to have all the crazy fun at home. The little contraption (video below) is fully customisable and allows you to set a course for the small ball to follow till it hits the finishing marker. 97 parts are included in the box along with 23 different types of mechanisms for the moving marbles. The toy looks great fun 🙂

Product Page Via: Random Good Stuff

Dragon Bluetooth Headset – Huge Range

Bluetooth headsets have been around a while now. The latest from Dragon has a fairly large 328 feet range (100 meters) which is not bad at all. The headset also works with your PC with software such as Skype which is an added bonus allowing you to take calls in the garden with out setting up your PC in the garden. The dragon has a dual microphone set up which helps with noise suppression which makes for clear communication. Another cool feature of the dragon is the multi device pairing allowing you to connect up to a few devices like your PC and cell phone and switch them automatically.

It is claimed to be the longest range Bluetooth headset although you need to have a class 1 cell phone to achieve this range.

Product Page Via: GadgetGrid

Toothpase Not Required on this ToothBrush

Tooth Brush
The Soladey Ionic Toothbrush requires no toothpaste (sick) because it uses energy created from light which can be either a fluorescent tube, light bulb or the sun, and converts it in to negative ions which when mixed with saliva and water can clean the bacteria off your teeth. It does this by use of a titanium ionic conducting rod which creates all these negative ions. By killing the bacteria it rids your teeth of the smell of bad breath too.

For some reason I still think the minty taste of toothpaste in your mouth might sway me more towards the more convential tooth brush.

Via: Soladey

USB Christmas Cake Hub

What you see here is one of the worst USB hubs in the world. This time it’s a Christmas cake USB hub. The hub has 4 USB ports allowing you to connect 4 devices to separate ports. It also appears that the strawberries might be USB flash drives. It makes you wonder what’s next in the world if USB.

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Cheap and Easy Wi-Fi Signal Booster

Caffeine Boost Your WIFI – Watch the top videos of the week here

Grab your self a couple of cans such as Sprite, chop them in half and follow the instructions on the video above to create a wi-fi signal booster. The process looks easy enough although I have not tested this yet. It would be interesting to see how much more of your house you can cover with a device like this. Let me know if you make one of these and if you see an increase in range.

Amazon’s Kindle eBook Reader

the Kindle Book Reader
The Kindle from Amazon is a new eBook reader which has an e-paper display providing a sharp high res screen which reads like real paper. The device is wireless allowing it to connect up and get books in less then a minute. It does not need syncing die to the wireless features. More then 88000 books are available right now as well as news papers and other popular magazines. The Kindle can hold over 200 titles in it’s memory which is plenty to keep the avid reader going. The wireless features are not wifi though. Instead they have opted for an EVDO connection which means you do not have to be in a wifi hotspot to download books. As long as you have a cell phone signal then all should be good. If wireless is on all the time then you need to charge the book every other day. If you switch off the wireless features then the battery will power the device for over a week.

It looks like a nice eBook reader with some handy built in tools. I have yet to compare the screen to that of the page on a book, but from what reports say, it is supposed to be just as easy on the eyes. Will it convert you away from paper books?

Product Page

WaterBuoy – Miniature Automatic Flotation Device

The WaterBuoy is a new device which attaches to your key ring and is capable of keeping afloat up to 1 kilo in weight. Inside the WaterBuoy you will find a few components which make the device activate when it comes in contact with water. The first part of the key ring holds the gas which fills the balloon. Above that is the trigger which does not set off when splashed, but when fully submerged the trigger sets off the gas which fills up the strong balloon bringing the keys or other dropped (attached) items up to the surface.

WaterBuou Insides

This makes dropping your keys in the water a less problematic adventure. For those regular water users this could save a ton of hassle for a small price.

The WaterBuoy costs £12.99 and is available over at the Water-Buoy site.

Asus P527 with Journey Logger

The new Asus P527 runs on the Windows Mobile 6 Pro OS and has a unique tracking feature which allows you to visually log your journey. To accomplish this the device has built in GPS which can log where photo’s are taken and also allows a diary of events to be logged. Mixing this with their GPS information create a travel log. The information is exportable to Google Earth allowing for an interesting view of where you have been and what you did.

Another interesting feature I spotted on the device is a tracking tool which can send reports to pre defined friends in your contacts list and provide them details of where you are.

Other features on this device are a 2 mega pixel camera, FM receiver, Windows Media Player, Windows Live/Hotmail/MSN etc… and MS office applications such as Outlook so you can keep in contact via email.

Overall a nice looking and powerful device which I look forwards to seeing.

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GTXC Shoe tracks you with GPS

GPS is a great system which can track receivers anywhere in the world to just a few meters. It allows for sat nav software to trace where you are and tell you where to go, it can track how fast you are moving and in what direction. GTXC now has integrated a GPS receiver in to one of it’s shoes. The idea behind this is the ability to track where people are should they be out somewhere and go missing. Ideal situations would me missing climbers as it would allow them to easily be tracked (assuming they haven’t lost a shoe). The GPS receiver and transmitter is small too. It weighs just one ounce and can relay information of it’s location via a GSM network. Someone else can then track where you are with software over the internet. There is a cost for this service though and it runs in at $10/month for tracking. For situations where safety is a problem then this could be ideal though.

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