WaterBuoy – Miniature Automatic Flotation Device

The WaterBuoy is a new device which attaches to your key ring and is capable of keeping afloat up to 1 kilo in weight. Inside the WaterBuoy you will find a few components which make the device activate when it comes in contact with water. The first part of the key ring holds the gas which fills the balloon. Above that is the trigger which does not set off when splashed, but when fully submerged the trigger sets off the gas which fills up the strong balloon bringing the keys or other dropped (attached) items up to the surface.

WaterBuou Insides

This makes dropping your keys in the water a less problematic adventure. For those regular water users this could save a ton of hassle for a small price.

The WaterBuoy costs £12.99 and is available over at the Water-Buoy site.


  1. cameron binnie says

    hiya would the waterbuoy be able to hold a digital camera and bring it to the surface not sure of exact weight please let me know

  2. It can lift up to 1KG in weight and I would expect most small compact cameras weigh quite a bit less then that. For example, the Fujifilm FinePix A920 weighs 156g which technically means it should lift around 6 of those cameras. Quite impressive!

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