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Evergreen DN-DRK72 Disc Repair

Scratched CD’s, DVD’s and any other type of CD sized disc’s do not like it when they are scratched. The Evergreen DN-DRK72 is a disc repair kit which apparently repairs discs for you by removing the scratches and making the disc look as good as new. I do not know how many times it can repair a disc and I am yet to find out how it actually works. My guess is that it probably just fills in the scratches with liquid that hardens. Anyone got any ideas?

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Worlds First Computer Mouse

40 years ago a patent was applied for which described a wooden shell with two metal wheels. The device quickly received the nickname of a mouse due to it having a tail (wire) coming out of it. The patent described an X-Y position indicator for a display system.

Due to the patent expiring 20 years later in 1987, Engelbart did not receive much in the way of royalties as a computer mouse wasn’t too popular before that. Also this was partly due to the new mice using a different mechanism which did not infringe on the patent.

For an interesting read of this mouse and how it came about check over at Wikipedia. The original patent with drawings can be found over here.

25 Years of Nokia Phones

Nokia Phones
Above is an interesting picture which shows 25 years history of Nokia creating mobile phones. It starts off with the huge case type phone back in the analogue days and then moves through the years. It is interesting to see how phones have progressed and had more features packed in while continuing to shrink down in size. How many of these phones have you had? I have had a fair few Nokia’s.

To see the full picture, check out Flikr.

DVIEW – Business Card sized PC

The DVIEW is a business card sized PC which uses a used mobile phone LCD panel. It is built by Hokuto Systems Co Ltd in Japan and is capable of working by it’s self and displaying data on the screen with out the use of other peripherals. The screens are 2.2 inches running at QVGA (320 x 240). The processor is an ARM7TDMI core CPU which can run at 81Mhz. On the memory side it has 40k SRAM and can play back audio at MP3, MIDI and ADPCM.

There are plenty of good uses for a device like this and adding a touch screen to the device could expand it even further. I look forwards to seeing where this one goes.


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The WIBRAIN B1 UMPC is an interesting prototype which has a full QWERTY keyboard split around the screen. The screen measures 4.8″ and has a resolution of 1024 x 600 as well as being touch screen. Connectivity is plentiful on this device as it sports Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi on 802.11b/g, quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and HSDPA. Overall I am not too interested in the keyboard although having it each side does actually look quite comfortable to hold. It’s just a shame it doesn’t slide away like an HTC QWERTY keyboard.

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Digitus Ring Concept

Digitus is a concept idea which uses 1400 spheres which are magnetic with decorative material on one half. By magnetising various spheres it forces them to spin and an image can be built up. Examples of usage could be time, a calendar, caller ID, SMS messaging displayed and a number of morphing unique patterns spinning around your finger. Although the idea is concept I do think it has great potential and hopefully technology will allow it to happen.

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Automatic Projection Calibration

Automatic Projector Calibration
Johnny Chung Lee headed up a team which created a cool projection calibration system which could work out where a small screen is and adjust the image to match the perspective. It works by having 4 or more sensors in a small plate which detect light. Once the position of the sensors is determined the image is then adjusted. The process takes just seconds to find the new location of the screen and once found, adjusts immediately to match. This is ideal for presentations where you need to quickly line up a screen but cannot find a place directly in front of the screen. If you put the projector to the side then it will adjust automatically to straighten out the image.

On the video below you will see a VW Beetle that has a number of sensors added and the wheels are projected in to the right place regardless of what angle the car is turned.

It’s excellent stuff with a lot of potential.

LEGO Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar’s are used each year to count down to Christmas. LEGO have created their own advent calendars which feature 24 days of LEGO building fun. Each day you will find a new small set such as a tree, mini figures a fire place and other items. The LEGO City version pictured above includes LEGO city type LEGO.

Another version is the LEGO Bellville calendar which includes animals and accessories.

Each costs £12.99 in the UK and are available here and here.

Also available at Amazon.

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500 Book Pages per Hour Scanner

If you have a ton of books that you want digitising then check out the Booksnap Book Scanner which comes from Atiz. It is a V shaped book cradle in which you sit your book. You then sit a couple of Canon digital cameras on top of it which take pictures of each page. The cradle and cameras can sift through the pages of the book at 500 per hour. The v shaped device uses an auto cantering feature which keeps pages in the same place on the camera. With the books laying flat on the scanner it helps to keep wear and tear to a minimum on the spine of the book.

Software is included with the device which makes pulling the pages from the cameras a fully automated process. However, it will set you back $1595 for the page turning device along with quite a bit more for a couple of nice Canon cameras.

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Packaging for TV Changes in to a Stand

One unique idea for using the packaging of your new HDTV is to convert it in to a TV stand. Tom Ballhatchet has created a short video of the process of unpacking the TV and then using the packaging to make a TV stand for the screen.

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Solar Powered Bluetooth Headset

The Iqua 603 SUN Bluetooth headset is the first solar powered Bluetooth headset in the world. It weighs 14 grams and a full charge gets you 200 hours of standby with 9 hours of talk time when it is dark. That’s not bad at all. The Iqua 603 SUN is currently on offer from Orange in the UK for £49.99 and is well worth checking out if you want a new Bluetooth headset. The headset is compatible with a number of phones found over at the Orange site (linked above). Just make sure you have a Bluetooth phone with the headset profile.

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Gold Remote Control

Gold Remote Control
Lantic Systems are a Danish manufacturer who have created a Gold Remote Control. It is made of pure gold and has a hefty price tag to match. Costing over $55000 USD you need to have a fat wallet to pay for it. The Gold RC1 is the official name of the gold remote control and it can control TV, Video, DVD, Music, Internet, email, CCTV, alarms, lights, curtains, air-conditioning and surveillance. Crikey, at least you get all the features in 1 which I guess does separate the cost to still a hefty $4583.33 per item (so it’s not that bad after all) 😉

Shipping of the Gold RC1 remote is starting in December 2007.

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