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Small Nokia 5200

The Nokia 5200 series mobile phone isn’t that new. But, with this thing being so tiny I thought I would post to show you all. It is about the size of the end of your thumb, but unfortunately is not a working mobile phone. I had flashbacks of Zoolander while writing this.

Via: Gizmovil

Automatic Bollards in Manchester cause Problems

I came across this video a few months back but forgot to post it. The bollards are in Manchester and drop down to allow busses and other permitted vehicles through on to the street. People either miss the bright red signs or think they can out run them.

Next time you see automatic bollards in the UK, do not go through them 😉

Memory Paging added to N95

MyDreamTech are reporting that the N95 has a new firmware update available from Nokia. Several new features are bundled in which include a search box on the home screen. The main feature of the firmware upgrade seems to be a paging feature which handles free RAM better which I assume, speeds up the N95 when switching between apps and such.

Please note that this firmware upgrade is for version 1 of the N95 (not pictured above). To upgrade you just need to visit Nokia and follow the onscreen instructions.

Via: MyDreamTech

Fake Window for your Home

By using electroluminescent sheets the fake window makes the appearance of light in your room with that nice day glow from behind the blinds. It’s perfect for the office where no windows are available. However, you cannot buy this product at the moment as it is just a prototype.

Via: Coolest-Gadgets

Radialstrahler Speakers

Radialstrahler Speakers
The Radialstrahler Speakers from MBL are a huge $180,000 to purchase. Named the 101 “X-treme” they create a unique 3D sound to match up with what you would hear in a concert hall. To do this, sound waves are radiated in all directions rather then the more conventional one direction. The system takes about 1 month to build and will be launched at CES in January 2008. The platform is made of carbon fiber, aluminium, steel, acrylic and wood. In total the setup weighs a massive 3600 pounds.

Product Page (PDF) Via: Audio Junkies

Nokia CA 100 USB Charger

This handy gadget allows you to charge your Nokia phone via USB. Although there are plenty of power sources around, the ability to connect and power your phone via USB has advantages. To get it to work you just need to have the 2mm power plug on the phone and this cable as well as a spare USB port which could be on a laptop, computer or a cigar lighter in your car.

Product Page Via: GadgetMadness

Siemens Laptop does Ultrasound

Siemens Medical Solutions have created a laptop named the P50 which is designed to aid the medical industry. It weighs just 5 kilos and packs a number of cool features in. It is designed for use in vascular applications as well as in operating rooms and anesthesiology departments. The cool feature that got my attention was it’s ability to be portable and do ultrasound scans. The machine is built around an Apple Mac Book and has 2GB RAM with a 160GB HDD.

Another benefit of this machine is that it can connect to the internet and email can be done also as it runs regular MS Office apps. Mix this with portable ultra sound scanning you have a perfect way of communicating images back to the main office and specialists for review.

Via: GizmoWatch

The Best Paper Airplane in the World

Best Paper Airplane in the World
When building a paper airplane, most people stick to the conventional method of creating the flying wedge that spins and crashes to the ground. Above this text you will see the worlds best paper airplane. As can be seen, it’s a little more complicated to build then your average paper plane. Let us know the results and if it flies well. Instructions on building the plane can be found below.


Aston Martin vs Inline Skater

Inline Skater
In this clip an inline skater decides he wants to race an Aston Martin. However, this inline skater isn’t just using his own power to race the Aston, he straps a jet pack to his back. Who wins? Find out after the jump.

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European Stealth Fighter

Euro Stealth Fighter
The Lampyrudae or Firefly was Germany’s attempt at a stealthy fighter plane. It was developed by Messerschmitt-B¶lkow-Blohm (or MBB). The shape was designed so that it would minimise radar reflection. In 1987 the project was cancelled. A number of tests were performed on smaller models in wind tunnels as well as low speed models were created. A 3/4 scale version was flown 15 times in 87 in the wind tunnel.



For full details on the design as well as more pictures check out f-104 and NitroCandy.

Could a Kinetic Cell Phone Battery arrive soon?

Kinetic Phone Battery
A company named M2E power specialises in kinetic energy for army type products. By using movement, a battery can be charged and provide longer amounts of power. For day to day users this would mean your cell phone battery could last 5 – 7 times longer on a single charge. Where there is movement there is a slight increase in charge. Repeat this movement over and over and your battery can power your device for longer. For the army, this converts in to carrying less equipment around as they often carry many batteries around to keep communications equipment active.

The material that is needed to create the batteries is nothing new and unique. It is readily available and costs a little more then a regular battery. However, the battery is also lighter then the average battery.

If these types of batteries hit main stream then I believe they will do well. The power sucking 3G phones with all video and always on 3G connections would be a perfect fit for kinetic energy to get them charged up to a decent level. In the future we could be charging our phones weekly rather then daily.

Product Page Via: TechLivez

Worlds Thinnest Pedometer

Worlds Thinnest Pedometer
A pedometer is a device which tracks how many steps you take while walking or running around. Most of them attach to your belt or stay in your pocket and they tend to be a little fat. This uber thin version is just 3mm thick and can either slide in your pocket or wallet. It also has a laser-tuned sports timer inside.

Available at TaylorGifts costing just $29.98.