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The 14 M.P.H. Cooler

Rideable Cooler
This must be one of the funkiest cool boxes around. This particular model as a 500 watt motor built in which allows you to ride it up to 14 MPH. Inside the 14MPH Cooler you will find a space for up to 24 12-oz beverage cans as well as space for 8 lbs of ice. The drivable chiller allows you to travel up to about an hour which will see me to work and back each day. The frame is light and durable as it is built of aluminium. To stop the hefty 14 MPH beast it employs the use of disc brakes.

Another plus side for this cooler is the ability to open it up while driving it and they have also included a cup holder so you can have quick access to your drinks. It will support up to 300lbs of weight although the seat for some reason is sold separately.

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Retro Flip Down Clock

A lot of retro type gear is being re created in a more modern way. However, this retro flip down clock retains most of it’s retro-ness by by using actual flip down mechanism. It is powered by a 9V battery and the minutes flip down every 60 seconds (no surprise there). It is available now at ChinaVasion, and for 1 unit it costs just $34.01.

Micro Stainless Steel Digital Camcorder

This new camcorder has a 5.4 megapixel CCD and records DVD quality film on to it’s memory. The screen is high res and LCD (2.5″) and the camera can capture 720×480 at an impressive 30 frames per second. Video and pictures are stored on either the 64Meg of internal memory or an SD card which is not included. With the device being able to use up to a 4GB memory card it could easily record 4 hours of DVD quality recording. MPEG4 is used to store the video files which makes them highly compatible with plenty of media players. Picture taking can be done at 5.4 mega pixels and the camera features 8x digital zoom and a flash.

With it being encased in stainless steel it makes it tough and durable.

The Stainless Steel Digital Camcorder will set you back $199.99 over at ThinkGeek.

Rubber Duck Computer Mouse

A rather different approach to the computer mouse has been created. We see many different mice in different shapes and different sizes. The next to join the ranks of “weird” is the rubber duck mouse. The mouse it’s self is fairly standard with it’s 2 buttons and optical sensor along with a scroll wheel. What you will find inside though is a rubber duck floating around in some liquid enclosed inside. This mouse certainly does add to the fun of computers.

Via: Switched

Silver Spoon Cadillac

This Cadillac was decorated with 5000 silver spoons. Cleaning must be a problem as he would need to polish each and every spoon which would take a serious amount of time.

OK… Thanks to Brian’s comment below (and a read of the licence plate) you can in fact see that it’s Uri Geller. That would explain why all the spoons are bent.



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Bluetooth Bone Conducting Headset

Sound Leaf is a wireless (BlueTooth) bone conducting headset which shakes the voice message out through your bones. It costs $115 and is bone conducting so that it does not require it to be attached to your ear. It runs on two AAA batteries which power the device for about 15 hours. It weighs just 45g which isn’t too heavy at all.

You may be asking why you need a bone conducting BlueTooth headset. Well, luckily there are a number of good reasons for this 🙂 Just a quick run-down first on how bone conduction works. When the device is pressed against your temple and cheek it vibrates the cranium by an electromechanical transducer (converts electrical signals in to vibrations). This vibrates against the cranium in which the internal ear picks up the noise. This allows you to still hear the voice in loud environments such as a building site. With the bone conductor not needing your actual ear to play the noise to it allows hearing protection to be worn.

More details of the Sound Leaf Wireless can be found here and here.

Transcend T.Sonic 650 DAP

Transcend T_sonic_650 DAP
The T.Sonic 650 is a new flashed based digital audio player (DAP) which has a capacity of 4GB. The small screen is OLED and the battery life is 15 hours. Compatible formats on the player are MP3, WMA and WMA-DRM10. An interesting feature is VAD which stands for Voice Activation Detection. I assume you shout at the thing to switch it on. For those who still enjoy the radio there is an FM tuner built in. No pricing yet.

Via: TodayGadgets

Illuminated Coffee Table

Built from Stainless Steel and toughened glass this illuminated coffee table would make an interesting change to anyone’s living room. The table top and down lights are independently controlled. The table’s standard dimensions are 1140x770mm which you also have the option of custom sizes. For £2000+ I would hope to make any requests I wanted 🙂

The table is available from SuckUK.

Via: GearCrave

Wheelman takes you Surfing, Boarding and Skating

Wheelman is a great two wheeler skating type device which features a mini 43cc 2 stroke engine on board which can take you up to speeds of 19mph. You attach your feet to the wheels and speed away for about 90 minutes on one tank of fuel. There is no automatic fuel pump and this part of the engine is fuelled by squeezing a pneumatic ball in your hand. Steering is done by leaning the direction you want to head.

Although it is not a brand new gadget device, it is still new to me which made me figure it will be new to a lot of you 🙂

Via: HackedGadgets

VertiPod flying Platform

A one person flying platform has been developed. It is called the VertiPod and falls in to the category of an ultra light aircraft. The VertiPod is powered by propeller and works a bit like a segway in that you lean and it goes in that direction. The propeller is found underneath the platform which takes the platform up to 15 feet in the air. Power is generated by a 440 cc engine which is activated with a pull start mechanism. No details of how much flying time there is have been released. However, it can propel you at 40 MPH which is a lot quicker then rush hour traffic.

It costs $10000 with more details available over at Wired.

Optimus Maximus – More Versions Coming

For those of you who do not (or cannot) shell out $1564 on a 113 key Optimus Maximus keyboard but still want to get in on some of that OLED keyboard action there is good news for you. Optimus have announced that 3 new configurations of the keyboard will be available. The new configurations come in 1, 10 and 47 programmable keys which weigh in at $462, $599 and $999 respectively. Although the idea of a 1 OLED key keyboard sounds a little lame, I actually do think the 10 and 47 key versions could do well as they make for great programmable keyboards.

Via: Engadget

Grand Orrery – Mechanical Clockwork Universe

This 18th century device is an incredible piece of kit. When looking at the side you see a model of inner planets. When looking from above that changes and you see a complex clockwork mechanism.

For those of you who are not sure what an Orrery is… it is a mechanical model built to show the alignment of planets and moons. In the centre of the Orrery you tend to find the Sun which then has arms which rotate mechanically around it on arms.

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