GTXC Shoe tracks you with GPS

GPS is a great system which can track receivers anywhere in the world to just a few meters. It allows for sat nav software to trace where you are and tell you where to go, it can track how fast you are moving and in what direction. GTXC now has integrated a GPS receiver in to one of it’s shoes. The idea behind this is the ability to track where people are should they be out somewhere and go missing. Ideal situations would me missing climbers as it would allow them to easily be tracked (assuming they haven’t lost a shoe). The GPS receiver and transmitter is small too. It weighs just one ounce and can relay information of it’s location via a GSM network. Someone else can then track where you are with software over the internet. There is a cost for this service though and it runs in at $10/month for tracking. For situations where safety is a problem then this could be ideal though.

Via: gopaultech

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