Amazon’s Kindle eBook Reader

the Kindle Book Reader
The Kindle from Amazon is a new eBook reader which has an e-paper display providing a sharp high res screen which reads like real paper. The device is wireless allowing it to connect up and get books in less then a minute. It does not need syncing die to the wireless features. More then 88000 books are available right now as well as news papers and other popular magazines. The Kindle can hold over 200 titles in it’s memory which is plenty to keep the avid reader going. The wireless features are not wifi though. Instead they have opted for an EVDO connection which means you do not have to be in a wifi hotspot to download books. As long as you have a cell phone signal then all should be good. If wireless is on all the time then you need to charge the book every other day. If you switch off the wireless features then the battery will power the device for over a week.

It looks like a nice eBook reader with some handy built in tools. I have yet to compare the screen to that of the page on a book, but from what reports say, it is supposed to be just as easy on the eyes. Will it convert you away from paper books?

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