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MP3 Toilet

MP3 Toilet
MP3 players are now arriving in all sorts of shapes and sized. One I came across today is an MP3 Toilet. Unfortunately (maybe fortunately) it is not an actual musical toilet. Rather, it’s a device which works with your toilet. The MP3 player is SD memory card based to allow you to quickly update the music. The player attaches to a wall near the toilet and there is a receiver which goes under the seat. I have yet to work out what exactly that “receiver” does although it could be there to just sense when someone is there.

I have no idea where you can get this although if you flew out to Japan today I have no doubt that you would find it.

Via: Virgin

Pure Highway DAB digital radio for cars

Pure Highway DAB
Pure Highway is an “easy to install” DAB digital radio for your car. Due to it’s rubber suction mount it can easily install on the windscreen of your car the same way a sat nav device would attach. Once mounted in the car it is powered by your lighter socket and has an aerial which attaches to the windscreen. Once ready the DAB digital radio will broadcast an FM signal which is picked up by your radio (like the iTrip on the iPod) and you just tune in to an available channel on your radio and experience the full DAB service. If you want to listen on foot then they have covered this too. The radio can be powered by 2 AA batteries which provide 6 hours of play. Headphones can be also attached.

The Pure Highway will cost £69.99 when it is launched in time for Christmas.

What is inside a Digital Camera?

If you ever wondered what you would find in a digital camera but were too afraid that you were going to bust up your expensive one then cnet have done the hard work for you. They cracked open a fairly standard 3.3 mega pixel camera to see what was found inside. Once several screws were removed they pulled the case apart and found various bits and pieces which are covered over at CNET. Inside the camera you will find the flash and capacitor which is used to hold the charge that allows the flash to function. Also inside you will find a view finder, LCD screen, CCD, battery compartment and the circuit boards that make it all work.

Check out CNET for the full rundown of what you will find inside a digital camera.

Nokia N96 a Possibility?

Rumours have been floating around about a new phone from Nokia numbered the N96. This beauty packs in 10GB of internal memory (I assume similar to how the 8GB N95 is), has a 3.2 inch colour screen, wifi, Bluetooth 2.0 and a full QWERTY keyboard. The camera steps up a notch to 6 mega pixels and GPS navigation is included. Motion sensors are also to be found inside.

However, this is just rumour as Nokia have not confirmed this yet. The specs listed seem fairly standard so it could be a strong possibility that an N series (N96) is on it’s way to us sometime next year.

Via: Techfresh