Asus P527 with Journey Logger

The new Asus P527 runs on the Windows Mobile 6 Pro OS and has a unique tracking feature which allows you to visually log your journey. To accomplish this the device has built in GPS which can log where photo’s are taken and also allows a diary of events to be logged. Mixing this with their GPS information create a travel log. The information is exportable to Google Earth allowing for an interesting view of where you have been and what you did.

Another interesting feature I spotted on the device is a tracking tool which can send reports to pre defined friends in your contacts list and provide them details of where you are.

Other features on this device are a 2 mega pixel camera, FM receiver, Windows Media Player, Windows Live/Hotmail/MSN etc… and MS office applications such as Outlook so you can keep in contact via email.

Overall a nice looking and powerful device which I look forwards to seeing.

Via: TrendyGadget and ASUS

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