16 Port USB Hub

16_port_usb_hubMany of you will have a ton of USB devices that you need to connect up to your PC. This could include a printer(s), camera, PSP, phone, webcam, fridge, fan to name a few.

The 16 port USB hub from Brando allows (you guessed it), 16 USB devices to be connected to your PC at once. The device has a built in power supply as your PC or laptop would not be sufficient to keep everything going at once.

Technical Specs

* USB 2.0
* 16-Port hub: Up to 16 hubs are provided for USB connection like printer, digital camera, card reader, MP3 player¦etc
* Up to 2 PCs can be connected to the hub and share the sources. PC can be selected easily with a simple switch (Two PCs cannot be used at the same time)
* The power supply (22.5W) is built in so an extra AC adapter is not necessary
* Voltage: 100V-240V
* Dimension: 116 x 67 x 63mm (approx.)
* Weight: 373g

The 16 port USB hub costs $139 from Brando.

Via: Geeky-Gadgets


  1. Chris at LG says

    I like the design of it – something quite chunky and robust about it, especially the clicky on-off switch. If I had 16 USB gadgets to plug in I’d definitely consider it

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