Skype Video Phone

Skype Video Phone
VpIP is becoming more and more integrated with our day to day lives. I can access VoIP from my cell phone, I have a VoIP phone on my desk in the office and my home phone is also VoIP. Voice over IP has changed the way that calls can be made and has allowed us easier access to speak to those who are far away for next to nothing and in some cases for free. We can carry our home phone around anywhere in the world and as long as you can find an internet connection then people can keep in touch with you as though you are next door to them.

As VoIP becomes more popular, more and more research is done to make those internet calls more reliable, clearer to give you the best experience. Why would they do this though? Well… if they didnt then we would all stick to our regular and reliable land line phones and never progress.

Skype is now offering a video phone. The compression technology and higher bandwidth availabilities can now allow us to communicate more clearly with video. 3J communications have put both Skype and video calls in to the Skype Video Phone. The video phone allows for a frame rate of 30fps running at 320 x 240 pixels. The phone has the camera built in so that a web cam is not needed as an extra feature. Any call that senses the camera will trigger it automatically. I seriously hope that this is an option and not an item that you cannot switch off 🙂

With it being a Skype certified phone it allows for the basics like your contact list, SkypeOut, echo cancellation for handsfree (and camera) operation. The conversation is full duplex which stops the annoying breaks in conversation when another noise in the background is heard.

The Skype video phone is packaged at just 56.88 dollars and can be used with Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger.

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