Rimax Mystic is Very Mystic

MP3 players are coming out all the time. I like some, dislike most because they usually do not add much to whats out now. Every now and again something extra is thrown in and makes you like it. The Rimax Mystic is one of these exceptions.

Rimax Mystic

So what makes the Rimax Mystic so Mystic? Well, it doubles up as a VoIP phone. Connect it to your PC via USB and you have in your hand a very nice looking VoIP phone that is compatible with skype. The Mystic is an ultra slim player that compliments your desk very nicely with it’s features that double it up as a phone.

All we need now is Bluetooth on it and then it can be used with out the old wires 😉 Still, a very promising product.

Prices in the UK range from 56 pounds to 90 for the 512Mb version or the 2Gb version.

Via: OhGizmo

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