Ring Mouse from Global Link

Ring Mouse from Global Link
This mouse which was seen over at Computex in Taipei is built by Global Link and it straps to your finger, hence the name Ring Mouse. It can work on most surfaces and even works with your thumb brushing past it. My first thoughts are that it is rather large and why couldnt it be made smaller, however, if it was smaller then people might think you are strange stroking the desk with your hand. At least with it being a decent size they can still understand that you are actually holding something.

It appears that the Ring Mouse is optical, but no details are provided about that yet. It seems like it is divided in to four sections with the top right being the sensor and the others possibly being controls that you can tap against a surface or touch with your thumb.

I dont think we will see pricing details soon with this as all crazy ideas tend to slowly disappear and we hear no more of them. However, should I find this again, or something similar then I will let you know.

Via: Engadget

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