USB Mini Fridge – Just enough room for a Sprite

USB Mini Fridge
The USB Mini Fridge is a cool idea. I come across many USB devices such as a USB grill and many others. Most are funny to mention and do not really have a use, but this one is different. I think it would actually be handy to use next to your desk in the office. It is a mini fridge which is powered by USB. Just put in a can of juice and let it cool it down to 8.5 degrees C which is a fairly nice chilled (ish) temperature and way better then room temperature. The 5V that is required from the USB ports takes about 5 minutes to cool the fridge down. I am not sure how long a drink would take in there though. Left in there daily would surely keep it at the perfect temperature though.

The cost of the fridge is $33 which isnt too bad although if you are like me then standing up and walking to the real fridge is often a nice relaxing break from staring at a screen most of the day.

Product Page Via: Engadget

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