Hovercraft Office Chair

HoverCraft Office Chair

Hover around your office on the hovering chair

Yep, I am sure you know this isnt actually real but it is still fun to mention. The hovercraft chair is an idea put forward by someone over at ideawicket and is basically a chair that hovers with a large fan under it. The crazy idea behind this is to allow for more fun at the office and give a faster way to travel around places. To control the chair you just lean forwards or in which ever direction you want to go. I guess in a similar way to how you control a segway but in this case you are sat down and floating.

This chair is probably one of the craziest ideas I have ever come across and I dont see any company picking up and running with the idea soon. It seems like we will all need to just carry on as we are with our chairs with wheels on to slide across the room.

Via: Ideawicket


  1. Ornulf Ostbye says

    What is the price and where can i get it?

  2. Unfortunately its just a fake although it would be funny if it was created.

  3. ergonomic office chair says

    Hover office chair!
    I’m gutted it’s a fake.

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