Leaked iPad 3 and 2 Comparison Shows Thicker Device, Larger Taper

Some pictures have leaked which show what is believed to be an iPad 3. It isn’t clear of course, if the iPad shown here is a test model, or it if will be the final design. As always, we wont know until it is officially announced.

What we see though is that the iPad 3 is slightly thicker. The report indicates by 1 to 1.5mm roughly. We also hear that the bezel is supposed to be slightly smaller which of course means that the overall size of the iPad will likely be smaller as another rumour also hints at the Retina display keeping the 9.7 inch size.

The taper on the four edges is supposed to be a bit longer as well which could be related to trying to hide the slightly thicker casing. As for storage capacity, some hints at 16GB, 32GB and 128GB have been mentioned although if they are going larger, perhaps a 32GB, 64GB and 128GB could be in order here.

A mention of an iPad mini with a 7 inch screen also surfaced again although we doubt Apple will go for two models with the iPad. We are also not too convinced yet on the iPad thickness. Going thicker doesn’t seem to be in Apples plan, so perhaps the reason the iPad 2 didn’t ship with a Retina display was that the model just wasn’t as thin or powered enough to fit the screen in and power it.

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